Niue snakes and fish 18.9.10

Sat 25 Sep 2010 03:31
Shortly after arriving, Sven from Mojo popped over to say hello, to be greeted by a Sea Krait (snake) who popped his head up, took one look at Sven's beard and skidaddled. As sea kraits are one of the most venemous animals, you can only guess how scary Sven's beard is.
Snorkelling with sea kraits while listening to hump back whales singing made this one of the most special places to visit. Even the flying fish are better looking and fatter than normal, with turquoise bodies and indigo wings. We have had spinner dolphins (in sedate mood) and hump-backs go past the boat, but still no decent photos of a whale.
The island also has coconut crabs, Ugas locally. They hunt for them by putting out a coconut trap one day and return at night when the crabs are feeding.
The visibility underwater is incredible - like glass, the best anywhere. You see kraits every time you go in the water and they are really curious. If you talk on the surface they swim over to have a look.