Working on the boat

Tue 6 Nov 2018 04:25

The boat is filthy inside and out. The grinding and welding inside the boat have left a smelly red dust on everything, sail bags, soft furnishings, every single bottle of shampoo, kitchen cleaner etc.It really is a big mess, plus all the headlinings have fallen down with the smell of old glue adding to the the ambience.

We have worked non-stop from 5 am until 6 pm for days; the boat looks so much better, but is still not finished. We will be having the headlinings redone, the engine repairs will have to wait, as will the other holes in the boat.

So, we are giving up for now and going on a 2 week holiday in the US.

Lately the house has only been occupied by nice people and scorpions.One of our roomies hates scorpions and provided Caroline with a most entertaining time. He left the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around himself and went into his bedroom. So then with a load of paper he is trying to shove the scorpion out of the door with much yelling of 'scorpion, scorpion'. Caroline was already laughing, but then his towel fell off and he panicked, turned around, but realised that he hated scorpions more than he was worried about being naked in front of Caroline. Finally he was outside, completely naked madly killing this baby scorpion: a perfect slapstick comedy.

We have, much earlier than expected, found an RV to buy, so are off to the states for a fortnight.
Buying, insuring and registering a vehicle as a non-resident is not going to be easy.