Day trip to Sintra

Thu 20 Aug 2009 15:23

We have changed from being Travellers to being Tourists. Staying at Oeiras marina for a few days. Lisbon is very elegant, a totally different look to most European cities as untouched by WW2 damage.
Went to the Caloust Gulbenkian (a billionaire now dead) museum. He bequeathed his house contents to form the museum. Although a good idea, he did seem to be rather fond of Frintware and velvet.
Lord Byron said of Sintra, "Perhaps the most delightful village in Europe." Truly a spectacular place, from a Moorish castle to a fairytale summer palace of past Kings and Queens.
Our favourite drink of the trip so far - Sangria Vinho Brancho. Thankfully it comes in large jugs!

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