Norman Island

Fri 29 Jan 2010 22:36
18.19.0n 64.36.9w
Great sailing at 5-6 knots wijth just the genoa in relatively flat seas.
Great names of places for sailing past: 'Pull and be damn point', 'The Indians', 'Fallen Jerusalem'.
Norman Island is the original Treasure Island and just past, amongst others, Dead Chest Island. The crew of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Guadeloupe mutinied here and buried 55 chests of silver. Apparently 'most' of it has been found, so we'll be here for a while!
There are some caves round the corner, 'Treasure Point' at Privateer Bay, where the treasure was supposed to be. This now makes for great snorkelling around some caves.
We are now chilling out at Pirates Bight having anchored in 'The Bight'.
Enjoy the pics, we're back to the Pina Coladas.