Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Thu 13 Jul 2017 23:37

We are not camped in the mountains as much as on the mountain. All ready for a visit to salt Lake City. Peaceful.

A few chores done and on to Sundance for lunch. Described by our ebloved book 'A 1000 places to see before you die' as picture perfect community of rustic but stylish cottages, snuggled unobtrusively amid 6000 acres of pines... Caroline was delighted with her perfectly cooked buffalo burger in a gluten free bun, plus a few spoons of Murray's chocolate decadence. A perfect meal in a perfect setting.


All thanks to Robert Redford raising money in 1969 to preserve a pristine wilderness around his home and ski resort.
The afternoon and evening were to be spent in the Mormon equivalent of the Vatican, Temple Square in Salt Lake City. The museum states their credo on various subjects including the right of children to be brought up by married parents. To help everyone with this they collect birth, marriage and death certificates from around the world and perform mass marriages of people who were unable to carry out this rite in their own lifetime.
Sisters were at hand to help anytime and tours were freely available. The city is so clean and wholesome with lawns and flowerbeds perfectly manicured. Though one lawn was somewhat ruined by the presence of a comatose man clutching a joint.

The evening was spent at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice, an orchestra of about 150 and choir of of about 360. As they are having the Founder's concert on 24th July we heard this celebration practice. It really was stupendous. We could hardly believe the stunning quality of the orchestra, the music was really amazing. The choir and guest singer Alex Boye pulled off some memorable numbers.


Wilderness to Sundance to Mormon central made for a very memorable 24hours.