Jolly Harbour

Sat 16 Jan 2010 20:53
17.03.996n 61.53.000w
Jolly Harbour was very beautiful with shrubs everywhere and wooden walkways (boardwalks cos they speak American here). The shrubs attracted irridescent green crested hummingbirds and others such as the bananaquit. Green lizards sunbathed on the wooden posts. Photographs are unavailable since as soon as the camera appeared, everything disappeared!
Jolly HArbour live dup to its name, heaving happy bars on Saturday night. The whole place had a retro feel and reminded us of 1950s American Films seen as children (repeats obviously).
We drank vast quantities of Pina Colada and we bought bottles of the appropriately named Mr and Mrs Pina Colada mix, loads of rum, plus £1 for a massive bag of ice.
Cleaned the boat, charged the batteries, topped up the water ond off to Barbuda.