Panama City

Our short stay in Panama City is about to end. The Galapagos Islands are going to be difficult to get to though as there has been no wind for 7 weeks. We intend to stop at Las Perlas Islands, about 35 miles south, for a day or two.
Panama City is very modern with a skyscraper skyline and glitters at night.
Thats us in the middle
On a branch of the peninsular we are anchored off is a Smithsonian Institute research facility, which we walked round and we finally saw a 2-toed sloth. They are obviously a bit quick for us - they sleep for 20 hours a day and hide in the leaves the rest of the time!
Ball of fluff
Ah, there he is!
Strangers to us, but ordinary to the North Americans visiting were a couple of raccoons.
About to go ahsore for a cocktail, so keeping this short. We might be able to get wi-fi in Galapagos, so we hope to have some more wildlife shots then.