Voyage from Palmerston to Niue

Sun 12 Sep 2010 03:21
This was a 389 mile passage with fairly heavy seas. We sadly left Palmerston before we wanted to because we didn't want to be in an uncertain anchorage with a storm arriving and we certainly didn't want to sail in the storm.
The wind and waves were quite variable and we have both found the short voyage to be tiring, as it's hard to sleep and you really have to pay attention when on watch (something we are not used to doing) and keep putting reefs in and out. We had some OhMyGod and Oh Sh*t waves, on the front of which we managed 11 knots with air under the hull, then wallowed down the back at 4-5 knots.
An abundance of gusts, rain, rainbows and big waves have followed us through this voyage, with an average speed of 5.5 knots allowing us to arrive in daylight in under 3 days. Overall an enjoyable down-wind sail.