Stuck – again

Tue 24 Apr 2018 01:35

Murray has, after days, tracked down an air leak at a part we thought we had paid Grenada Marine to check. A temporary repair was made, but now the engine won't start at all, so we called another engineer. This one found another 2 small fuel leaks another air leak and a loose wire sparking, not a good combination! He got the engine started straight away, but clearly it is not right. We are so grateful to have him coming on Monday to hopefully sort out our problems, so we went to the pool bar to celebrate.


If you have to be stuck somewhere, this is the place!

So, the engineer arrived, in total we had leaks at the knackered O ring in the fuel feed pump, 2 fuel hoses leaked at the ends, 2 injector pipes leaked, the pre-heat wire was loose and the valve clearances were really loose. So 7 faults fixed and we are now ready to leave.