Walnut Canyon and Meteor Crater

Tue 20 Jun 2017 22:46

The 'Sinagua' people lived in this stunning location. We were watching ravens at the top of the tree below us as their raucous caws echoed throughout the canyon. Yet more dizzying views and a slight worry over the woman with chest pains on the way back up.

Small family groups lived in walled off alcoves where softer rocks had eroded leaving overhangs.


Driving on, a road sign giving the speed limit for cars, 50mph, meteors, 26,000mph. A centre for space nuts, where a meteor smashed to earth scattering 175million tons of limestone and sandstone to form a massive crater. Astronauts trained here. It was identified as a meteor crater by a scientist examining nuclear bomb test craters in Nevada. Scary, but true: a number of houses have ben hit by meteorites.