Rapa Nui - Ahu Tongariki, Anakena and Te Pito Kura

Fri 30 Jul 2010 01:04
What an incredible site  - 15 restored moai on Easter Island's largest ceremonial platform. A 1960 earthquake caused a tsumani which devasted this site, the Japanese as a thanks for the loan of a moai  funded the rebuild. Nobody knows how the original islanders put the statues in place (5 different theories) but the rebuild was using a crane.
The Anakena site is one of only two sandy beaches and the religious headquarters of the royal miru tribe. The moai here show traditional tattoos on the backs and the platform consists of stones and the heads of disused maoi, along with many petroglyphs. A beautiful site.
Te Pito Kura has the navel of the world stone - shown below with Murray and our french guide Morgane. This magnetic stone is really hot to touch
and  according to legend possesses heavy doses of mana (the spiritual power bestowed by the gods).