NZ - Bay of Islands

Sat 6 Nov 2010 00:18
We're not sure whether we're in Scotland or on the Isle of Wight!
Waitangi estate contains the buildings where the treaty giving Sovereignty to the UK was signed (though the translations differed slightly leading to a few altercations!)
Treaty House (Home of the British 'Resident' - similar to ambassador)
(Somewhere in Sussex!)
The Meeting House
We've spent some time exploring, but mostly lounged about for a rest (Caroline spent all day in her pj's yesterday). We have to take the boat out of the water for maintenance so will travel down the coast to another marina nearer Auckland. We expect to leave the boat there while we travel overland to explore NZ and possibly fly to Oz.
New Zealand had no indigenous land mammals, so birds evolved to fill the niches. The we introduced a load of mammals and many birds are endangered. Here's a couple we found.