Kangaroo Island

Sun 6 Feb 2011 23:01
On Kangaroo Island, if you drive at night or early morning kangaroos and wallabys bound across the road. You end up with your foot constantly hovering over the brake.
The island has the Southern Ocean bashing and smashing its south coast, which has caused the most incredible rock formations along with pristine sandy beaches. However, it's been very cold and, reminiscent of an English summer, we ate our picnic in the car. Not surprisingly the beaches are empty as it's cold, rough and the sea here is full of Great Whites!
We have just done a 18km walk and had an echidna feeding next to us. We couldn't really get a good shot as he was snuffling in the sand. The goannas get really, really close. We were sitting eating lunch and heard this thudding of feet. Two goannas were running down the path and came within inches of us, much to their, and our, astonishment.
In NZ, the only good possum is a dead possum and they've slaughtered millions of the pests. Here they are native and tolerated, even in the restaurant of a wildlife lodge.