Getting Closer

Mon 18 Jul 2011 16:19
This plane took off on time (though a member of staff was late, so they searched our hand luggage for passenger activity distraction (according to the staff member).
The flight was fine, though our 'Business Class' had evaporated to coach in the transfer.
Unfortunately when we landed in Miami there was a lightning storm in progress, so we sat in the plane on the tarmac as the staff can't go outside in lightning. We did offer that as we weren't at work it would be safe for us to walk into the terminal, but no dice. The lady sitting next to us, who had also been cancelled earlier, had another three connections to make for a one day conference!

After nearly 2 hours the lightning subsided and we managed to get through immigration without any difficulty, though the officer wouldn't let me look at Caroline's fingerprint scan and was surprised I could still see mine on the glass after use.

We are now sitting in a Sofitel in Miami awaiting our flight tonight. We will be home soon (probably).