Abel Tasman National Park

Mon 20 Dec 2010 03:06
If you happen to be in a pub quiz, Abel Tasman was the first European to discover NZ in 1642, 130odd years before Cpt Cook.
We treated ourselves to a cabin with en-suite shower and toilet - partly as it was our birthdays and partly as we were still drying out!
Caroline had her first ever sleep walk. Thankfully Murray heard her unlock the front door just as she was about to walk outside dressed for the occasion in her birthday suit and called to her and woke her up (phew).
Spent Caroline's birthday on one of our longest NZ walks in the park. Beautiful coastal walk which several backpackers were walking barefoot. The joy of this park is that you choose which bits you want to walk and get dropped off / picked by water taxi. The boat arrived in the car park towed by a tractor and Murray joked that it was really a kiddies fairground ride - we were then asked to get in the boat on the trailer!
We elected to be dropped off in Barks Bay, cut across Torrent Bay at low tide (well 3 hours before) and walk back to town. To find the track across the bay you look for the orange topped marker posts. Caroline was wearing walking sandals and enjoys a good paddle, so she gradually waded out, while Murray, wearing walking boots, literally watched the tide go out - about an inch a second. Once Caroline had made it across, Murray and the other walkers gave up waiting, removed boots and waded over too. A great little walk for Caroline's birthday. Sadly Caz had accidentally eaten some wheat a couple of days before and finished the day early to bed, once the projectile vomiting (unfortunately in public) had ended.
Split apple rock
Spot the path
Here it is!
The British on holiday!