Sailing Gib to Madeira catch up

Sun 20 Sep 2009 12:20

1st afternoon leaving the Straits, flying fish, sun fish bouncing out of the water. Larger bottle nose dolphins put on a magnificent flying display. Helen was soaked by a blowhole splume. One of the dolphins did some superb back flips accompanied by much oohing and aahing from the crew (but no pics :-(  ).
Crossing where the ships pass between shipping chanels a cruise ship actually gave way to us.
WIth darkness falling Murray tried to pass a trawler laying down nets, with no lights and no consistent direction. We ran over the net, but thankfully Helen shouted a warning, we cut the engine and somehow didn't get tangled! For the next 3 1/2 hours Caz and  Hellie traversed a multitude of tunny nets. The lights from the net markers turned the sky orange.
As we slipped further out of sight of land, no boats, no nets to be seen for two days. Day 3 we were all ill, Hellie  on painkillers, Muz with sickness (bands worked until they broke - must get some more!) Caz with wheat allergy suffering severe headaches, temperature and vomiting worked out she can just manage to hold the wheel and feed the fish at the same time. Muz and Hellie insisted on splitting Caz's shift (cos she was the only one likely to get better with rest!) and after 5  hours sleep she was somewhat recovered, but took another day to be well.
On day 4 Muz got excited over seeing a sea bird (must get out more!)
A small land bird (tit size, unknown make/model) landed on the boat for a rest, before continuing on for Africa.
Last day, nearing Madeira, several turtles feebling swimming on the surface towards the nature reserves around Madeira, every so often lifting their heads for air - finally we have found something slower and smaller than us!

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