R&R Glen Canyon

Wed 16 Aug 2017 01:04
We have got the hang of the difference between wilderness, primitive, developed and full hook-up sites. Wilderness has no facilities at all, with rules on depth for burying your poo (not us!), fires etc. Most of our camps have been primitive, which may have running water, pit or composting toilets, picnic tables and garbage bins. Developed campsites have running water and flush toilets, probably a dump station and maybe a laundry and showers. Full hook-up camps have all the above with probably a direct sewer connection, water and electricity to your RV.

Glen Canyon is a National Recreation Area which holds Lake Powell reservoir and we stayed for 3 days to have some relaxing beach time. We took a boat trip to Rainbow Bridge National Monument and it took us in and out of the many nooks and crannies of Lake Powell (flooded slot canyons). At times there appears to be solid rock behind and in front of the boat. It was a relaxing day, but everything; fuel, trip costs etc is expensive here. The trips to Antelope Canyon are by guide only and very crowded. Once Caroline had seen the tourists being crammed into trucks like those used in Cambodia to transport to the killing fields there was no way we wanted to visit the canyon.

Horseshoe bend was over-crowded and one poor little boy was made to stand on the edge for his parents to take a photograph. Each time he sobbed and moved away from the edge his parents put him back.

If we had known how touristy and overpriced Lake Powell was, we probably would not have stayed 3 nights, but we paid up front! One night we were asleep in bed and lights woke Caroline up. Another RV had come into our site and was about 6 inches away from us. Caroline, still half asleep, threw a nightie on and rushed out yelling at them. Thankfully they drove away but neither of us have any idea what they were intending to do. Despite having a noisy population of about 500 and the world's brightest head torches, Lake Powell has no security on site at night. If anything happens you have to hope you have a phone signal with which to phone the Ranger service and wait for a response. His touristy area was too much for us and we left for Lee's Ferry.

Houseboat towing speedboat

lake powell

This looks like a tight squeeze



Rainbow Bridge in all its glory



Horseshoe Bend