Salamander goes forth (again)

Sun 19 Jun 2016 11:41


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We left at the first weather window, with smooth seas nearly all the way. Had to motor, but at least we made it to Brighton. The good includes the new fuel filter system, which allows filter changes without stopping the engine and the fridge, working at last – hurray for cold wine!

The bad was a twit connecting the redundant fridge cooling water pipe to the cockpit drain, when water starts pouring into the boat you know something is really wrong!

The ugly was Murray's temper tantrum when the boat started to fill up with water, through stupidity, but the issue was quickly identified and resolved.

We finally arrived at Brighton at 01.45 under a near full moon. Straight to Asda (still wearing thermals) to buy a quilt and pillows (left behind): at least the ladies on the bench outside were enjoying their drinks party.