Nevis, a day out

Sun 2 Apr 2017 23:13

We pottered along the Heritage trail, some of which is a bit naff. Driving needs some care as monkeys, wild donkeys, pigs and cows have much to learn about crossing roads safely, although the monkeys do get their own crossing places!


These three baby monkeys sat on the road until cuffed off by an adult.


The monkeys (ex pets of British settlers) were classified as vermin in 1852 and are all over the island.

It is interesting to stand in the church that Horatio Nelson attended every week and to visit the ruins of his house (the most intact sugar plantation in the Caribbean), but for us the highlight of the day was a fabulous meal out at the Golden Rock. This place has the prettiest surroundings and best ambience of any place we have ever eaten.

Lush gardens


Almost a week has flown by, so we are now looking for good winds to sail on to Dominica.