Atlantic crossing 200 miles to go

Sat 19 Dec 2009 11:59
16.10.514n 57.44.699w
No change, still too far to motor and no wind for sailing. Creeping ever closer to Guadeloupe (worried the rowers might be gaining!) and hoping for another 24 hours of sailing to bring us within fuel range.
Found 2 Mars bars at the bottom of the fridge after 4 days without chocolate - a deep joy descended on the boat (good job it was 2!)
You can tell how slowly we've been going as one night watch Murray composed (in his head) an ode to his Christmas cake.
Watch this space for "An Ode to Stollen" due out on December 23rd.
Have been sailing all night and into the day, hope to continue for a few more hours to keep us on target.