A Packed day in Black Hills

Sat 29 Jul 2017 22:09

Crazy Horse monument, the Native American monument to rival Mount Rushmore. Crazy Horse's face is 87'6” high with the horse, his arms and so on still to be finished. The work was started by sculptor Korzkak Ziolkowski in 1948 and is carried on today by his family. The sculpture is just one aspect of the trust that also aims to provide University education for Native Americans.


Mount Rushmore is for Americans. It has a plaque for each state and territory and describes the 'Virgin Islands' as 'acquired'. No mention of the fact they are called the US Virgin Islands to differentiate from the British, or that the 'acquisition' was in a war with the Spanish.


Anyway, Crazy Horse memorial will be the largest carving in the world, while the 4 Mount Rushmore presidential faces are just 60 feet high and would fit into the area of Crazy Horse's head and hair.

The Needles Highway just takes our RV – we were the only one in yet more staggeringly beautiful USA scenery.



A bit of a lazy driving day and we did our first National Park just by road – Badlands. An endless panorama of coloured buttes, spires, pinnacles and canyons, the whole place full of fossils.