Santa Fe

Sun 25 Jun 2017 13:17

The highest and smallest state capital, old by American standards, lovely, arty and a bit posh. We chilled for a day, visiting the town centre and by coincidence the only two French owned restaurant/cafes. We saw an outdoor exhibition of European art and statues/memorials giving another insight into local history.


St Francis of Assisi (the bird is just visiting!)

st francis

The first Indian saint



Compare the writing on the memorial statue below, to the history told to us by the Native American Taos tribe. No mention of forcible conversion or the punishments meted to those who didn't.


The town memorial to Union soldiers who fought in the US civil war had had a word chiselled out as it had been deemed unacceptable. Fortunately a plaque had been mounted explaining this and informing the reader that 'rebel' for confederate soldier and 'savage' for Indian were the unacceptable words.