Emergency food

Sat 2 Jul 2011 22:28
Once we had got over the euphoria of receiving the supplies from Warship 51 and scoffed some of it, we looked at trying to make a meal from what was left.
Consider this list and if you can come up with a meal recipe, let us know! (We had no fridge, open cans will go off in 1-2 days)
2x Lays original crisps, family size
8x packets of peanuts
8x Kiwi fruit
8x oranges
6x pears
8x mandarins
2 packets processed sliced American cheese
2 packets processed sliced Mozzarella cheese
4 packets of 6 slices of roast beef (store 0-4C)
12 cans orange juice
1 breadfruit
1 large bag raisins
1 x 28 portion can (2.8kg) chilli
1 x 1.8kg can tuna
2 x jars 333g strawberrys in corn syrup ice cream topping
1 loaf of bread
2 x 680g apple sauce
1 x 800g peanut butter
1 litre fruit juice
1 litre grape juice.
We were very grateful to receive anything at all from the warship, but the tow boat was being paid by the insurance company (and our policy excess). The emergency food supply they brought was expected to last us for a two day tow. Fortunately it only took 8 hours and we weren't hungry!
2 family crisps
1 bag Snickers chocolate sweets
6 bananas
6 tea bags
1 lb sugar
1 carton of milk (except they had forgotten any for themselves and drunk this before reaching us)
1 loaf of bread
4 US gallons of water.