Madeira to Gran Canaria

Thu 1 Oct 2009 13:51
A relaxed few days sail across, motoring only for the last stretch. In one 24 hour period all we saw were 3 birds and a green washing up bowl!
Hellie put her hand down on a night shift and felt something cold. She thought it might be her lighter, but realised it was soft. Getting a torch, Hellie foud a dead squid, which made her feel uncomfotable (squeamish girl) and she had to scoop it up with a spoon and tip it over the side (I'd have had it for bait! - M) (tea more like - C). This was the most exciting event of the trip!
Hellie looked at the Autohelm manual and read out a line to the effect of - if it goes the wrong way, swap the wires - which Murray hadn't seen. Swapped the wires and Hey Presto, now we don't have to steer ever (OK except marinas)- Hurrahs all round.