2 Weeks In

Tue 23 Oct 2018 03:16

The main cabin is all stripped out and the fuel tank is repairable – hooray. So, the welder has spent a day cutting out the rotten steel, after Murray sadly had to throw away over 400l of diesel. Now the tank has been cleaned and once the welding has been done it can be painted and the cabin can be put back together, probably 3 days to put the boat back in place and then another day to move the stuff back in (all our spares, provisions, books, clothes etc)

We still have the teak work, steel cleaning painting other welding of holes to do. The radar needs to be replaced, the hull also has holes, the engine needs putting in place and the prop needs some sort of antifouling. So we (actually Murray) have a lot to do – Caroline is busy at the start of her year 3 Maths degree.