Old San Juan 11/2/17

Sat 11 Feb 2017 23:14

After 160 years of building the old city was a fully enclosed fortress, protecting Spanish interests in the Caribbean. Now you can walk around enjoying the town's many sculptures.





Caroline had to concede Murray took the better iguana photo.

Here you can drink Pina Colada at the bar where it was invented in 1963. Bearing in mind the number of Pina Coladas drunk by members of the Johnson family this was an essential pit stop at Barrachina.

Without a doubt the highlight of this trip was the chocolate restaurant Casa Cortes Chocobar, Calle San Fransisco. The girls are not chocoholics, but Caroline was nearly converted. All the food is fabulous, but the chocolate is heavenly. We have never been to a restaurant full of so many happy, really happy, people.

The following day Helen and Mike wanted to go back. The staff recognised us and in recognition of Mike and Murray's dedication to chocolate they placed a whole jug of chocolate sauce on the table for us to add to our chocolate.