Across the sea to Ireland

Wed 25 May 2022 10:35

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Across the sea to Ireland

We end for ended the 80 metres of anchor chain before leaving St Mary’s Pool because a few of the links about 20 metres down were delaminating which would have weakened the strength of the 10mm links. Now we can lay as much as 60 metres without too much worry, giving us enough to anchor in 20 metres, since we let out three times the estimated depth of water at high tide. At some stage the degraded links can be cut off and the remainder re-joined.

We cleared the Pool by 6.00am on the 21st May and by midday we were creaming along at 6.7 knots under first reef in the sails by midday. It was great to be under sail once more with a short overnight passage of 158 miles to cover to Baltimore. The wind was perfect, just behind the beam, and on the rise. By the evening the log records 18.7 knots so in went the second reef for a comfy night for both Zoons and us.

The first half of the trip gave us steady winds but the second half had pockets of light air giving us 9 – 21 knots. Zoonie wasn’t fussed, she just slowed down a little and then picked up her speed as we let out sail and then re-reefed as the wind increased.

When we set off we headed west of Baltimore because the forecast showed the winding veering clockwise, so the plan was that as it did we could then veer around with it, which is what happened.

It was a cold night. I am always reluctant to use such extreme language, but it was not cool, it was cold. Combined with a single overnight passage which does not give one’s system a chance to adapt to three-hour watches, the first day in Baltimore was a day of rest and warming up!

Can you spot Lot’s Wife, the tall slim white cone on the promontory to the right of the entrance in to Baltimore? The British Government ordered its building after the 1798 Irish rebellion against British rule. It would be another 124 years before a treaty was signed in 1922 between the two countries and Ireland became recognised as an independent republic in 1937.

It was a welcome sight with the early morning sun shining on the white as effectively as if it was a light. Whether the design was meant to make the Irish think of Lot’s wife, who was turned to salt as she looked back on the city of Sodom, as a message to the Irish not to look back on their independence but only ahead to British rule I do not know, but as we turned into the shallow haven of Baltimore we were pleased to be arriving on a peaceful mission and we anchored in mud and sand off the pretty little town ready for a rest.

Once all the tasks were complete my lovely shipmate said,

“I know it’s early but would you like a gin and tonic?” There is no need to type my reply is there?



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