Released into the Biscay

Tue 3 Jun 2014 07:28
46:47.76N 06:34.59W Finally, early yesterday morning Ushant released its grip on us so we could move into the Bay of Biscay. We had a good sail across the Channel after the start, mostly on our desired course until we neared the other side when we were set east. Then we tried to tack to get down the inshore channel to no avail. That stage sent us in a near circle! Then the wind dropped, well that was decisive, on went the engine.
Just before the Biscay and we received a radio call from Ca Canny who picked up a rope around their prop and ask for some help. As we were ‘tail end Charly’ by this time we happily obliged. Our offer of a tow into Brest proved unnecessary when they lowered a waterproof camera overboard and saw from the pictures that the rope had gone and the prop was fit and ready to go. We stayed close through most of the night just in case.
Rob has had two dolphin sightings, a pair and later a pod playing around the bow and watching him watch them. The phosphorescence last night was lovely, illuminating the wash like a diamond studded bridal veil.
We are on course for Finisterre now, disciplined ourselves to stay on course, no matter what, motor sailing and sailing when we can. There is some rough weather coming off Finisterre on Thursday and it would be nice to be in by then. Grey skies, light winds and showers at the moment.