Quitting Quito and good news at last.

Thu 21 Apr 2016 00:03
Back in our hotel room in Quito we tried to get through to Bahia but we're unsuccessful so we asked our tour organisers in London if they could help. They got in touch with their representative company out here, Andean Travel Company, who phoned us this afternoon to say simply that Zoonie is safe and there is little damage to the yacht club, perhaps being built on stilts set in the river bed helped.

Yesterday morning, the 19th, we relaxed in the hotel room as we have both picked up jippy tummies from somewhere, could have any one of a hundred places. So while the policemen and women whistle the traffic past we studied the town map to see what to do later.

A taxi ride took us to the Carolina Gardens. Like Hyde Park it is a vast area of grass and trees where hundreds of folk were relaxing. A busy collection point was taking in donations to the earthquake appeal.

We wandered around the lovely botanic gardens then after a bit of a search found the tiny vivarium where we stood nose to nose with our first real Anaconda and eyeballed a dwarf cayman. They were in small tanks but I guess it is one way to see the jungle creatures and the little children that were looking around with us were engrossed pointing to a tank resident and then looking at us with big smiles.

We had been to the old town the day before and felt uncomfortable in the overcrowded claustrophobic square. Second to that we went to a smart, modern cafe where I ordered a vegetarian sandwich and iced tea. No iced tea and the sandwich should have been cheese, tomato and avocado on pesto spread wholemeal bread. The bread was white, the cheese processed and the avocado absent. I felt like pointing out to the waitress the little girl outside selling tubes of yummy looking avocados.  Me not impressed.

Today has been better alough Rob''s tummy is still upset. By happy coincidence it has been one of the best days of the year to climb 4000 feet in the cable car up to the Pichincha volcano at 15,715ft. with its amazing views over the entire length of the city with the Andes all around. 

We still hadn't had the good news about Zoonie, but rising up into the clear, fresh air did raise our spirits if only briefly.

We revisited the pleasant terrace at the hotel and played cards as we chatted and supped beer, not the chica variety just plain old Pilsner.

Tomorrow morning we rise at 3.50 to meet our tour rep for a ride back to the very new Quito airport for our two hour flight to Lima, with our hearts and minds happier than they were.