On the mend on the hard

Thu 20 Jul 2017 04:03

On the Mend on the Hard

Skipper released on good behaviour

Rob is back on board Zoonie where he will receive his daily dose of Abs from me once the District Nurse has shown me how to do it! Then he will visit the DNs once a week for a check-up and blood tests for the next four weeks until 18th August when his 6 weeks of Abs will be complete. Then three days of blood tests and a further TOE at the end of August to see how the Ab v bacteria battle is coming along.

Today’s TOE showed a very slight increase in the size of both bacteria beds but this is not uncommon and it takes a long time for the Ab to start winning over the bacteria.

His discharge letter confirmed he is not fit to fly, at any level, including sea level! Nice touch of humour from the Doctor and no escaping aboard Zoonie then!

Our wonderful social committee, Gail and Tony, have got tickets for the Andre Rieu film of his annual concert in Maastrict viewing next Saturday and we are really looking forward to that. It is a 2hour 40 minute film and we will dine out afterwards.

It is pouring with rain here at present as another winter storm passes overhead. So no jogging along the riverside today then, just relaxing aboard and pretending the grey sky is blue.