18th October. Charly and Tom arrive.

Sun 25 Oct 2015 12:22
We spent the morning preparing the fore cabin and the afternoon watching Rugby. At 6.30pm we drove to the airport.
19th October. Charly and Tom were both game for some exploring so we set off to Jameos del Agua, again designed by you know who. Nearby Mount Corona provided the volcanic lava channels (the alimentary canal or gut of the eruption) and lava bubbles in which pools and lakes were formed. The sheltered and humid semi underground environment is perfect for cactuses and people! Charly liked this place as it was intended for enjoyment.
The Cueva de Los Verdes, caves formed from the same volcano, were more a workout in the most colourful and dramatic gym on the planet. 45 minutes, up and down “mind your head” and a brilliant practical joke, which some of you will know but I am not allowed to reveal.
Lunch was taken at Arrieta on a terrace overlooking the sea in perfect weather, delicious local fish, meat and vegetables, so typical of the island out of the way eateries.
The steep overhang at the Mirador impressed our visitors and the view of the volcanoes of Graciosa was the best yet for them.
Zoonie is such a comfy place to relax, and restored and refreshed we tucked into our first ice-creams up the pontoon ramp.