08:09.30S128:27,00W Countdown Marquesas, 8th July 2016

Fri 8 Jul 2016 17:56

Countdown Marquesas,                                                              8th July 2016

Our estimated date of arrival is the 13th so we are on the last 5 days of this mega passage across the vast and beautiful South Pacific.

Jane from Nora J (our Panama friends remember) tells us that no one is checked for what fruit and veg they have on board so we won’t be jettisoning anything in the near future.

Fishing boats at night are becoming the norm, always in pairs, so likely to be seiners with a net between them. Interestingly they are always off to one side of us, so I wonder what are the chances of a pair being dead ahead. We’ll keep a good look out.

We are on a dead run at present. Not Zoonie’s most comfortable angle to the wind as she is free to roll, side to side as we go along. Curtains and clothes swing to and fro, and cupboard contents need re-arranging at times but its great for the washing in its white tub!

Last night her roll was less extreme and we both slept well but some nights she rolls so far we cannot prop our prone bodies firmly enough and when she exceeds herself we are suddenly woken up, pinned against the lee cloth. Oh for a hammock.  

Our evening entertainment starts with a small glass of wine in the cockpit from 5.00pm until sun set, followed by supper, again a small affair as we are not getting much exercise to stir an appetite and then The Vikings, series 3. Surprisingly un-bloody at present, compared to the first series, but then I sense something horrendous is brewing between the king of Wessex and Ragnar!