0:29.5S 76:17.33W 700 feet above sea level somewhere on the Amazon.

Wed 20 Apr 2016 13:32
The wet muddy bank was vertical and we clung onto protruding roots to climb to the top. We were entering a farmers field and Raoul pointed with his torch to radomely planted,  by the women and children, yucca and bamboo shoots.

Cicadas chirruped and we could hear a frog croaking as we crouched, bent double, to pass through a tunnel of matted branches. Without our head torches the only light was from the moon way above the canopy. Whoosh, and bats flew straight past us. Rob found a big female grasshopper, brown and full with eggs.

We walked for an hour or so and scrambled back down the bank to the canoe, waiting to take us back for our first night on board.