22:16.30N 20:50.47W Get down there woman and write a blog

Mon 14 Dec 2015 12:43
I want to do the weather, he said! So here I am.
Night three, flat sea, no waves no swell and pure progress with little else but ahead motion. Henry has taken a rest because he swings a wide arc when the wind is light and our Diva cruising chute does not like that. So we are helming. The Diva likes the limelight (direct wind onto her shimmering blue fabric) and when the mainsail masks her from direct wind she fusses and flounces around in her satin and chiffon sounding dress until she gets her own way. But when she does the rewards are great.
She’s out there now making a silk purse from a sow’s ear of light winds, 5 – 6 knots speed in 8 – 10 knots wind speed.
Day 3 gave us 100 miles progress and day 4, yesterday just 66 miles in no more than 6 knots of wind for 24 hours. At 15.40 yesterday we entered the Tropics and at 03.27 this morning we reached the half way mark to the Verdes.
Today, Day 5, we are flying the Diva and Mainsail and the drop of 6mbs on the barometer showed more wind coming. At present the wind is 6.3 knots and we are moving at 3.5 knots. young clear plastic jellyfish pass by like solitary bubbles and what looks like a lifeless sea during the day, at night reveals flashing lights of the sea creatures all around. Fish have still eluded our line although I nearly caught one this morning but he got away, honest!!