000:00.000S 80:27.04W 25th March Good Friday Equator Day

Fri 25 Mar 2016 16:17

000:00.000S 80:27.04W 25th March Good Friday Equator Day

At 8.09 Zoonie crossed the Equator for the first time to the triumphant sounds of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. We celebrated with a drink of the last gin with plenty of fruit juice. The shackle went over the side and soon after we phoned all the family.

Rob’s mum, Rosemary, told us about the English Rugby success, Richard was at the shop, Emily was on Bournemouth beach with the family and Sue was busy preparing the vegetable plot for this year’s crops. How amazing we can chat on good lines from 21 miles off the Equador Coast to share the dual celebration of the Easter weekend and our entering the southern hemisphere.

Rob has just telephoned Bahia de Caraquez marina who will arrange for the pilot to pick us up at 4.30 this afternoon and guide us into the estuary where Zoonie will be moored between two buoys at the bow and stern. Then the engine can cool down and the work begins.

I will send lots of photos as soon as we have a wide enough WiFi band, now there’s a fine excuse for a beer session in the bar! Cheers