50 41.92N 01 58.42W

Sun 11 May 2014 16:35
Hydrovane is now fitted and we are almost ready for the start of the ARC Portugal. Sitting at home looking at the thunderous sky and hoping the weather will change before then!
While we were in Island Harbour on the Isle of Wight we had been working on the connection between the new Navtex and the chartplotter. Thinking we were finished we set about a job on deck. I went below to get something and WOW acrid smoke was billowing from behind the control panel and seeping through joins around the cupboard doors. “Rob, we have smoke” the control panel came off quickly to reveal the Navtex cable smoking and sparking. Mains switch to OFF batteries OFF, phew. I grab the powder extinguisher and am poised ready, but crisis averted, the sparks stop and we just have to ventilate the pervading smell outside. What a reassuring noise came from the smoke detector. Thank goodness we weren’t in the pub having a drink. I guess there was a kink in the lead.
We are now set up to receive the Grib weather files through Mailasail and eventually via the satphone. The next tecky development would be to overlay our position in the weathermap, I bet it will come if it isn’t already here.
Enjoy your evening.