Sun 9 Jul 2017 01:26

Good morning all,


We hope you are all well.


We want to let you all know that Rob has contracted a type of streptococcus bacteria infection that can damage the heart muscles and as he was found to have a heart murmur during the thorough examination he had in Whangarei Hospital they have decided to keep him in for the moment and feed him intravenously with penicillin every four hours. The regime has to continue for two weeks but he may be able to return home to Zoonie in that time with a semi permanent drip inserted.


He developed a pain in his right calf muscle that turns out to be cellulitis possibly from a graze just below his knee and the bacterial infection may have come from there. He is responding to pain treatment although he finds putting his foot to the ground is difficult and even his fingertips are hurting.


This means we will not be flying home as planned on the 17th of the month and we will cancel the flights and get Rob through this before me make any plans for journeys longer than to our favourite bars. 


I will write again soon and keep you up to date on his progress, be reassured he is being cared for by an amazing team of people.


Lots of love,


Barb xx