2019 New Cal Noumea Aquarium and a Bohemian Beer

Mon 16 Sep 2019 00:57

Noumea Aquarium and a Bohemian Beer

This is the last of my decablogs for you, the tenth for which you already have the photos before I can start on our current adventure, which I have been looking forward to because it is all to do with life on Zoonie, so here we go..

A walk to the Aquarium along the level promenade was called for until the heavens opened and we dashed into the Barca Bar in the Baie des Citrons and nestled into the comfy sofas for a cup of coffee amidst the restful slightly tatty and very Bohemian surroundings; two cups of their delicious coffee as it turned out because the shower was a lengthy one.

This bar comes to life in the evenings with various bands spread out over the months but for us it provided refreshment and free internet while we waited for the rain to pass. We thought it quite likely we would return for a beer later on.

Just around the corner the aquarium sits on a headland with views in all directions from the elevated ground behind it where we had our picnic lunch, but the late morning was spent watching a myriad of marine animals and plants languishing in the well maintained tanks ranging from mini shore-side environments where fiddler crabs had a tedious time ducking into their little tunnels every time a new visitor passed by, to the deep water tank where, as you can see, not only familiar fish lived but also sharks, a ray and a giant grouper.

I included the picture and map of the export routes of the Beche (Spade) de Mer or sea slugs because I have shown you the animals on the bottom of the sea bed numerous times, but these pictures show what happens to them if they get into the commercial market. Fortunately for their future they are common in areas that are not fished commercially, where we snorkel, so they should continue to thrive in safe numbers.

For the same reason the writings about the nautilus are interesting because they also are protected and only taken locally for the aquarium use. They are so beautiful. Underneath their stripy exterior is the layer of pearly shell that was the base for 19th century decoration.

Apparently the social behaviour of the lobster is a very good basis on which to better understand human behaviour, so says Jordan Petersen, a Canadian Psycho-analyst and modern day philosopher whose well written but incomplete book ’12 Rules for Life’ is a pleasure to the human mind if you are interested in psycho and social analysis which I am. This particular lobster, perched away from the others as it was, was showing that healthy human trait of being comfortable in its own company!

The spiky crown of thorns is of the species that decimates coral reefs by literally eating the coral and the flowing Lion Fish can give a seriously powerful sting if touched.

In the really colourful aquarium the fish looked truly happy and content, if that is possible. They came forward through curiosity to see our peering faces and the cute little sand worms had that same watchful 360 degree curiosity from the safety of their burrows as meerkats, marine meerkats!

The Zebra Sharks and Zebra mantis shrimp were worthy of a click on your behalf I thought and then outside, last but not least and outside but not forgotten were a few turtles with a tank to themselves.

Fortunately the weather had dried up for our walk back, from the Barca Bar, but the wind was truly howling so until it calmed itself down we focussed on chores, shopping, washing and putting the 10 photo files onto the blog, care of the free internet at the marina bar, even when the bar was closed!!

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