16:49.92N 52:47.58W Mystery Fish Curry

Wed 13 Jan 2016 11:13
Grey skies today, we hope there’s plenty of wind underneath. Passed the 3/4 point just before midnight.
Horizontal thread on a seam at the top of the mainsail was cut by the spreader during downwind reefing and the seam has opened. Main is now reefed so entire seam is safe inside the mast, leaving plenty of usable sail.
NE wind again 8 – 20 knots in slight to moderate sea.
Caught mystery fish, checked it on our lips for any tingling sensation, then popped it into a thai green curry along with an unlucky flying fish and we’re both ok!
Watermaker working well and we shower every few days so Zoonie smells ok!!
480 miles to go and still no ships.
Have a good day,
R & B xx