May Day!

Tue 10 May 2016 06:23
We took the lift up and down to help our limbs to recover. The ache in my right hip has finally gone and the trek actually cured the odd backache I had before the start.

Our last day in Cusco was spent shopping for a new case for me as I'd managed to pull the zip off my old one before leaving it at the hotel for the trek. Rob''s soles had separated from the uppers so he bought new shoes and put the old ones in the bin. The person cleaning the room must have thought we'd binned them in error as they were back in the wardrobe when we returned.

The next day we were back at our hotel in Lima enjoying our complimentary pisco sour cocktail and planning our last day there. It would be Rob''s birthday and we would take off at 5.30pm for Bogota on our journey home but not before a birthday lunch at the Punta Azul restaurant just down our street. On the way in I just let slip Rob's birthday status to the waiter and they did the rest as you may have seen on Facebook.

We were picked up for our transfer to the airport and our escorts promptly fell asleep in the front passenger seat. When I looked at the bus next to us everyone of the passengers was fast asleep, instead of on their mobile phones, well it was a warm, sunny afternoon in Lima!