36:45.2N 06:26.2W Chipiona Arrival

Sat 26 Sep 2015 19:20

36:45.2N 06:26.2

Chipiona Arrival

As we motored on yet another windless day (not complaining) I said to Rob “Remember what Mike said last night, that we can fish at any speed, well let’s give it a go shall we.” A few minutes later with our prettiest lure caught in the mouth of our first bonito, I hung over the stern, keep net in hand, wondering how much the little feller weighed and whether there was a chance I might be flipped clean over the stern.

Rob had read that one of the kindest ways to despatch fish is to pour alcohol over the gills, in this case Malibu as it is the bottle we attack least. It was a beautiful looking fish and very passive even before its tipple. So tender to fillet too and enough flesh to last us two days. No waste there as that would be wrong.

In Chipiona our faith in humanity, at least APPA humanity, was quickly restored with an efficient marinera who was keen to use her English and most apologetic about the wifi situation and the inflexibility on prices, ie no reduction for staying a few days and none of those lovely buy so many and get one free offers of which I am fond. Also if they do not have a berth for our length and have to put us in a longer one then they charge for the length of berth, not boat.

Settled amongst clicking fish, cleaning our hull, and the evocative rasping of the cicadas we were fine for a few days.

At the tourist office the lady gave us information on bus times to Seville and Cadiz, maps of the area and advised us to find the travel agent in the main pedestrian precinct to book a hotel. She also advised there are chameleons living wild at the other end of town and suggested places we might like to visit.

A while later we were booked into the Murillo hotel in Seville from the next day for three nights. On the way back to the marina bar we located the coach station and timed our return. The bar had wifi but for some reason sent two blogs and blocked the others. We could not open, send or save them so I re-wrote them but the problem remained and we became suspicious attempts were being made to hack the computer. So we stopped our efforts.

Rob spoke to Mailasail on our return from Seville but they could not help us until we had a good internet connection so they could take over our computer and rectify things. Catch 22 situation.