Plymouth and penultimate preparations

Sat 31 May 2014 10:58
Thanks to the efforts of our organisers, Joel, Jeremy, Robin & co we have now met just under half of our fellow participants and found some nice coincidences. 

Henry on Shiraz is a member of Eastbourne Sailing Club as I was many moons ago and Greg, Jane, John and Keith on Orion have been based in Eastbourne Marina before sailing down for this event.

Nikita, with Jayne, Robin, Zac, David and Stephen is a fellow Oyster 406 and there is another 406 on this finger of the marina that has been owned by a couple since she was new in 1987, he actually watched Nikita being taken out of her mould!

Rob is presently away at Allspars having the stay for the storm jib shortened by six inches so we can rig the sail halfway between the forestay and the mast if we need to use it. We were put on to Allspars by the kind lady on the Rassy next to us who lives locally.

The big cook up of vegetarian spag bol is cooling ready to be packed into the fridge in daily use amounts. 

Next we will install the Hydrovane rudder, watch this space

Happy days