Rugby World Cup delays departure.

Sun 25 Oct 2015 14:50
In fact Rob has had to use his limitless practical skills over the past couple of days. Charly walked in to the forward head on the last day of their visit and found the floor boards under water. Then the same happened in our heads. For some reason the when pumping out the water from the basin and shower a faulty valve caused a back flow resulting in a syphoning effect bringing sea water in to the boat. ( you don’t want that!! )  Rob replaced the flapper valve in our shower drain pump and cured the problem. He also bought two non-return valves in case it happens again.
The water filter in the water maker needed rinsing. When installed it was white and when he removed it, it was black. Well rinsed with fresh water we will tow it behind Zoonie to further clean it. Rob had to make a pipe system threaded with rope to pass through the centre of the filter roll. He may patent it and make a fortune!
Thirdly the anchor windlass was creating and not running smoothly until after striping it down and the application of suitable grease on the cones inside the drum solved the problem. I tell you he has no limits, no limits!
So if you’ll excuse us dear readers we are off to watch Australia v Argentina. Take care and thanks for reading our blog.