By way of a PS

Fri 20 Jun 2014 07:53
38:40.6N09:18.76W. We have a very conscientious satphone who sends messages even when they are awaiting completion in the outbox before we press Send/Receive.
Yesterday, on our way from Peniche to Oreiras the sail started in the same pattern of the last few days, light headwinds forcing us to motorsail or lag far behind the fleet. It is part of the mentality to stay with the fleet, keep up, which can make you sail completely differently and use the motor much more. Even the decision to sail on days when there is little wind and sight see when the winds direction is good for sailing is dictated by the itinerary, and that is fine because the original decision to join the rally was ours and we would not have missed any of the meetings and experiences for anything.
Yesterday had some nice highlights. A pod of around 8 dolphins played around a few of our boats and mid afternoon we passed the very beautiful Serra da Sintra, a short mountain range that points to the west and terminates at Cabo da Roca, the western most point of the European landmass. On top of the eastern end of the range is the stunning hill town of Sintra, where the royal family once built a home to escape the heat and earthquake risk of Lisbon. We hope to visit there, along with Estoril and Cascais tomorrow, but this morning we look around our home port and this afternoon we paint our Zoonie logo onto the harbour wall.
It has just been raining, great for getting the salt off the windows, and some kind soul has just left the gift of 4 Portuguese  bread rolls in our cockpit, very useful!