42:45.94N 08:56.91W Portosin Twice our refuge port.

Wed 8 Jul 2015 10:51
There's a bit of overlap here as I reflect that last year as we left Camarinas our engine failed for the first time due to paint flakes in the tank blocking the fuel line as we discovered later. Rather than hold out for the next intended port of Bayona we were reluctant to be at sea at night, close to the coast with an unreliable engine even though we had our friends aboard Infinity and Ca Canny close by. So we headed for this marina for the night and as there was no one around to pay we slipped out at the first light feeling a little guilty. We have made up for it now paying for two nights.

Rob is presently tightening up the new stainless steel standing rigging which after a few blows has stretched as Dave at Allspars in Plymouth said it would. Two turns on the bottlescrews of the long lengths that go to the mast top and slightly less on the shorter lengths that go to the two sets of cross trees, that are fixed like branches to either sides of the mast at two different heights. 

Big fishing boats, adorned with tiaras of aerials and dishes leave late evening for their nights of fishing (at least I think that's what they are doing, could be the garden shed analogy)and return to shed their catch into the waiting mouths of delivery lorries, pass their nets onto the quay and refuel as the little ones, sometimes with just two men on board, depart to fish in the safety of daylight.

As soon as we arrived here Cormack, from an Irish yacht, came and painted the picture for us. He has five daughters and immense problems remembering his grandchildren's names. He mentioned Portosin had no charm and the internet was a bit hit and miss here. He likes to listen to BBC Radio. Well that gave us the idea and now we are happily listening to radio two.

Will try and sort some photos for you now.