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Date Subject Position
Apr 2019
Sun 28 Apr 07:37 Birthdays Beaches and Bluebells
Thu 25 Apr 16:41 Utstein Abbey, Harald's Home
Thu 25 Apr 10:33 To Svein's Lighthouse
Thu 25 Apr 07:32 Stretching our legs around Stavanger
Wed 24 Apr 08:26 Across the sea to Norway
Sun 21 Apr 07:49 Fw: The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice an' Men
Fri 19 Apr 06:40 Shhhh Trump's Turnberry
Thu 18 Apr 08:00 To the Castle and Caves of Culzean
Sat 13 Apr 09:06 A Ramble with Ron and Brunston Castle by ourselves
Fri 12 Apr 07:27 Fw: Dunure A Harbour with Many Faces
Wed 10 Apr 07:24 Fw: Scotland for the Brave
Mon 08 Apr 07:15 But First Biking Rewards and Grandads Chocolate bomb
Mon 08 Apr 07:09 Bassetts in Springtime and Booky Stuff
Sun 07 Apr 07:11 Fresh Return to England
Mar 2019
Thu 14 Mar 10:07 Abolish Australia Day and Where are these obscene souvenirs coming from?
Wed 13 Mar 08:43 The Gunbim in the Anbangbang Gallery
Tue 12 Mar 10:18 Dennis' Wonderful Waterworld
Fri 08 Mar 09:16 The Everchanging Streets of Darwin
Thu 07 Mar 08:32 A Ship of the Desert a deadly Submarine and a Remarkable Artistic Collaboration
Wed 06 Mar 08:56 Naked Gun fights to the Bitter End
Mon 04 Mar 09:06 Jamey of the Jawoyn People
Fri 01 Mar 08:44 Snakes and Ladders Katherine Calling
Feb 2019
Sun 24 Feb 08:03 An Eagle steals the Show and Don't tell Prince Charles!
Thu 21 Feb 09:53 North to Alice
Wed 20 Feb 07:13 Moonshine at Marla
Wed 20 Feb 05:43 Silently Rests the Silver Snake
Sun 17 Feb 09:19 Portrait of an artist John Mawurndjul
Sat 16 Feb 08:06 The Art Gallery of South Australia just what it says on the tin
Fri 15 Feb 10:42 Hidden Stories from the South Australian Museum
Fri 15 Feb 05:34 Fw: One Mountain One River One Sage
Mon 11 Feb 07:36 Adelaide - a City of Must Do's and an open lattice pie
Fri 08 Feb 07:21 Fw:
Thu 07 Feb 09:16 Canberra's elevated seat of power
Thu 07 Feb 05:56 A Day with Tyronne Bell an elder of the Ngunnawal Nation
Mon 04 Feb 08:20 Cook's Endeavours
Sun 03 Feb 08:25 Fw: Canberra a Curate's Egg
Sat 02 Feb 03:46 Great Whites
Jan 2019
Sun 27 Jan 22:28 Fw: Biking around Newcastle Down Under
Sat 26 Jan 21:39 Kangas and Crocs
Fri 25 Jan 22:43 Hotting up in the Hunter Valley
Fri 25 Jan 21:47 Get down Shep and a home in need of TLC
Wed 23 Jan 21:13 North to Newcastle
Wed 23 Jan 01:42 Endeavour Sails Again
Fri 18 Jan 21:36 Going North to Darwin on the Ghan
Sun 13 Jan 21:05 Bridging the Gap with a croc pizza and Keeping up Appearances on HMAS Onslow
Fri 11 Jan 20:40 Boom Bang a Bang
Thu 10 Jan 19:30 Australias dark past and Brian behind glass
Tue 08 Jan 21:02 Starting out in Sydney
Mon 07 Jan 20:35 So this is Christmas in Whangarei 2018
Dec 2018
Wed 26 Dec 20:26 Beware the Cut of the Jib
Mon 10 Dec 21:05 Fw: Seasons Greetings
Oct 2018
Tue 30 Oct 23:19 Perfect Beam Reach 32:11.07S 174:40.21E
Tue 30 Oct 23:07 Zoonie Starts Across the South Fiji Basin 23:35.19S 175:28.02E
Tue 30 Oct 22:58 A Perfect wind for our Voyage 18:20.41S 178:18.53E
Thu 25 Oct 23:23 Last Few Days in Lami Bay
Wed 10 Oct 20:32 The Garden beneath the Sleeping Giant
Sun 07 Oct 19:53 Close Encounter with a Sea Snake 18:06.53S 178:23.71E
Sep 2018
Thu 27 Sep 20:07 Fiji Last Resort Pacific Harbour 18:15.62S 178:04.29E
Tue 25 Sep 22:51 Yanuka Island 18:22.00S 178:00.E
Tue 25 Sep 22:50 Malumu Bay 18:22.35S 178:08.93E 18:22.35S 178:08.93E
Tue 25 Sep 22:50 Ono Island 18:53.27S 178:27.73E 18:53.27S 178:27.73E
Tue 25 Sep 22:49 Draveuni Island 18:45.26S 178:32.21E 18:45.26S 178:32.21E
Tue 25 Sep 22:42 Bogi Ono Cagi 18:06.53S 178:23.71E
Tue 25 Sep 20:40 Location Update 18:07.29S 178:25.25E
Mon 17 Sep 19:48 The Lost Island of Burotu
Sat 15 Sep 21:57 Fiji Kokomo Resort and Nabouwalu Village on Ono Island
Sat 15 Sep 21:51 Sun Beds and Sevusevu
Fri 14 Sep 04:46 An Amuzing Museum
Fri 14 Sep 03:18 Sights of Suva
Wed 12 Sep 20:20 Goodbye Fulanga and Hello September 19:09.67S 179:45.12E
Mon 10 Sep 21:38 A Welcome Decision
Wed 05 Sep 03:15 Our farewell party and last trip to the village of Muana i cake
Wed 05 Sep 02:56 Its playtime at the Sandspit
Wed 05 Sep 02:49 Shamal and others in the sunrise and sunset at the at the sand spit anchorage.
Wed 05 Sep 02:45 Peter and Martina and the coconut crab at their farewell party
Wed 05 Sep 02:38 These Fijian ladies sure know how to party
Wed 05 Sep 02:35 Time for a beach party
Wed 05 Sep 02:29 Bring and Buy sale
Wed 05 Sep 02:20 Birthday Party time
Wed 05 Sep 02:14 A brush with death at the cave of bones and the cemetery
Wed 05 Sep 02:07 Morning tour on my Birthday with So Mark and Teri
Wed 05 Sep 00:11 First of many kava sessions at Fulanga and a basket of produce
Tue 04 Sep 23:58 Main passage into Fulunga and first village visit
Tue 04 Sep 23:12 Lomaloma at the southern end of Vanua Balavu
Tue 04 Sep 23:04 Around the damaged yacht club
Tue 04 Sep 22:55 Walkabout from our Balavu Harbour anchorage
Tue 04 Sep 21:43 Above and below Wavelengths decks
Tue 04 Sep 21:34 To Daliconi for our first Sevusevu
Tue 04 Sep 21:25 From Rambi to Shoal Pass Vanua Balavu
Tue 04 Sep 21:18 The above and below sea level delights of Albert Cove at the north end of Rambi Island
Tue 04 Sep 21:02 Snorkelling gems at Albert Cove
Tue 04 Sep 20:01 Return to the anchorage with a little help from local children
Tue 04 Sep 19:58 The final day of the Fijian Pre-school education celebration week at Tabwewa School Rabi Island
Tue 04 Sep 19:43 Rambling over Rambi Island
Tue 04 Sep 18:42 Children awaiting their school boat to take them home play football with the teachers including the head
Tue 04 Sep 18:36 Through the woods with Elizabeth to watch Lydia make masi matting
Tue 04 Sep 18:21 Snorkelling under the guidance of the Dive Academy in particular May at Viani Bay
Tue 04 Sep 17:56 Snorkelling at the Jean Michel Cousteaus Resort
Aug 2018
Thu 30 Aug 21:10 Fw: Peter the big Australian
Wed 29 Aug 22:54 Decline of the Three Muses
Tue 28 Aug 20:21 A Grey Day in Paradise
Sun 26 Aug 00:57 My Sixty Sixth Siganisucu
Sat 25 Aug 21:29 Fulanga – A World Apart 19:08.97S 178:33.91W
Wed 22 Aug 05:18 Around the Top in Vanua Balavu 17:11.23S 179:00.50W
Wed 15 Aug 03:38 From the Sumptious by the Religious And into the supremely Beautiful 17:10.62S 179:01.00W
Wed 08 Aug 20:44 16:43.82S 179:44.66W 16:43.82S 179:44.66W
Wed 08 Aug 20:43 16:24.07S 179:52.39W 16:24.07S 179:52.39W
Wed 08 Aug 01:39 16:26.70S 179:56.32W 16:26.70S 179:56.32W
Tue 07 Aug 04:03 The Good People of Rabi Island
Tue 07 Aug 00:11 16:31.75E 179:59.5W
Sun 05 Aug 22:47 16:45.04S 179:53.87E 16:45.04S 179:53.87E
Sun 05 Aug 00:15 16:43.59S 179:43.72E 16:43.59S 179:43.72E
Thu 02 Aug 03:59 16:48.67S 179:17.25E 16:48.67S 179:17.25E
Jul 2018
Thu 19 Jul 19:28 Our tour withTaiyab
Tue 17 Jul 20:04 A Sunday in Savusavu
Tue 17 Jul 18:29 https://c.web.de/@337580864906985683/htM4fPdaQMKTEgk4_Idx-w
Sun 15 Jul 22:32 Sugarcane Harvest Time
Sun 15 Jul 22:11 Lighting up in Labasa
Sun 15 Jul 19:15 Flora and Fish of Savusavu
Sat 14 Jul 19:24 Eight go wild on Vanua Levu
Wed 11 Jul 19:42 A New Morning with Muktuk and Puff the inflatable canoe
Fri 06 Jul 22:24 Life in Savusavu
Fri 06 Jul 22:21 Life in Savusavu
Thu 05 Jul 00:28 Everyday is market day
Wed 04 Jul 23:35 Everyday is market day
Tue 03 Jul 19:21 16:46.42S 179:19.59E Paying Attention to the Wind 16:46.42S 179:19.59E
Mon 02 Jul 04:43 18:37.63S 179:20.35W 18:37.63S 179:20.35W
Sun 01 Jul 21:53 Muktuk paves the way
Sun 01 Jul 21:23 A Walk on the Wild Side at North Minerva
Jun 2018
Sat 30 Jun 03:43 My nerves settle in Minerva pics
Sat 30 Jun 03:24 The Perfect Sunset to a flaming sunrise
Sat 30 Jun 03:05 A Day out with our friends third and last file
Sat 30 Jun 03:02 A Day out with our friends second file
Sat 30 Jun 02:56 A Day out with our friends from Scoots and Tregoning to go with the North to Minerva Blog first file
Sat 30 Jun 01:32 Last days in Marsden Cove Pictures
Wed 20 Jun 23:45 23:37.06S 178:54.80W 23:37.06S 178:54.80W
Sat 16 Jun 22:05 27:56.66S 178:59.84E 27:56.66S 178:59.84E
Sat 16 Jun 22:04 29:38.81S 178:07.91E 29:38.81S 178:07.91E
Thu 14 Jun 22:49 31:52.26S 176:55.99E Marvels of Marsden 31:52.26S 176:55.99E
May 2018
Tue 22 May 02:22 NZ Milling with the larks at Marsden
Sat 05 May 04:36 NZ Leaving New Zealand
Tue 01 May 00:02 NZ In a Duck to Water with Nick
Apr 2018
Mon 30 Apr 20:27 Te Wairoa The Buried Village or Pompeii of Rotorua
Sun 29 Apr 21:09 Return to Rotorua
Sun 29 Apr 18:26 On a Mission
Sat 28 Apr 03:40 To Hastings Te Mata Peak and Birdwood
Thu 26 Apr 22:08 NZ Napier
Thu 26 Apr 01:26 Gisborne and Its Nice to have a Plan
Sun 22 Apr 20:35 Eastlands Bounteous Coastline
Sat 21 Apr 00:21 NZ Last land tour this time
Wed 04 Apr 05:58 Chief Manaia's legacy
Wed 04 Apr 05:51 Easter and beyond
Tue 03 Apr 22:19 The journey home from Russell The World in an Oyster and beautiful bays
Tue 03 Apr 22:16 R Tucker Thompson Pompallier Mission Clendon Cottage and site of the Clendon home that became first parliament and views from it
Tue 03 Apr 20:31 Kororareka in Maori and Russell in Pakeha English
Mon 02 Apr 20:25 A Romp in the Pukenui Forest
Mar 2018
Mon 12 Mar 00:38 Great Barrier Island Car Day
Mon 12 Mar 00:38 From Port Fitzroy back to the Main
Thu 08 Mar 02:49 Great Barrier Island Whangaparapara Bay
Wed 07 Mar 18:42 Away from the New Zealand Main Great Barrier Island First Anchorage
Feb 2018
Wed 21 Feb 00:54 Gita - The Marauding Beast
Tue 06 Feb 01:50 After Fehi life goes on
Jan 2018
Mon 29 Jan 19:35 Flying High
Fri 26 Jan 21:33 Norway 4/4
Thu 25 Jan 23:31 Norway 3/4
Wed 24 Jan 18:34 Norway 2/4 pics
Wed 24 Jan 18:33 Norway 1/4 pics
Tue 23 Jan 18:07 Half a World Away
Dec 2017
Sun 31 Dec 20:31 Fw: Christmas Preps and Early Presents
Fri 08 Dec 14:18 Melting Moments in Melton Mowbray
Thu 07 Dec 15:43 Oakham Through Darcys Eyes
Sat 02 Dec 10:26 Our Early Christmas Message
Nov 2017
Wed 22 Nov 16:41 London in November
Wed 22 Nov 15:39 Saying Goodbye
Wed 22 Nov 15:37 Chestnuts, Dogs and Falling Logs
Thu 09 Nov 12:57 In for the long haul with the 'wicked' witch from Snow White
Thu 09 Nov 12:12 Final preps for Homeward Journey
Oct 2017
Sun 01 Oct 21:50 Clendon House
Sun 01 Oct 02:54 Our Room with a View and modern boardinghouse cuisine
Sun 01 Oct 02:50 A Nursery Beach and Maori Merriment
Sep 2017
Fri 29 Sep 01:04 Among Giants
Tue 26 Sep 04:51 Luca a little cat with a big heart
Mon 25 Sep 23:41 Beyond the Itch
Sat 09 Sep 05:16 Life on Cloud 9
Mon 04 Sep 16:54 (no subject)
Aug 2017
Thu 17 Aug 02:02 A Moveable Extendable Feast
Thu 17 Aug 00:32 Things that fall apart are restored
Sun 06 Aug 23:52 Midwinter in Whangarei
Jul 2017
Sun 23 Jul 03:20 Back to the normal world
Thu 20 Jul 04:03 On the mend on the hard
Sat 15 Jul 20:06 Hard Times and a doggy shark
Sun 09 Jul 01:40 (no subject)
Sun 09 Jul 01:26 (no subject)
Jun 2017
Thu 22 Jun 01:18 Lions roar escape to Auckland and a conspiracy with Bear
Tue 20 Jun 03:22 Zoonie lift out and work in progress
Tue 20 Jun 02:23 Limestone Island
Mon 19 Jun 23:26 Lions v Lambs
May 2017
Sat 27 May 00:33 The Culture of Boardinghouses and modelled mannekins and milking machines
Fri 26 May 03:58 A Dark Day for the UK
Thu 11 May 02:33 A Dose of Donna and Playing the Patience Game
Wed 03 May 03:21 Cape Reinga Lighthouse Where two oceans collide and ancient Kauri wood
Wed 03 May 03:16 To the Top of the North
Wed 03 May 00:30 Fw: North to Doubtless Bay and Hihi Beach Holiday Park
Wed 03 May 00:12 Fw: North to Doubtless Bay and Hihi Beach Holiday Park
Mon 01 May 22:30 Easter egg hunt on Zoonie Zoologist Ruby examines rare kiwi with chick and a day at the beach
Apr 2017
Sat 29 Apr 23:53 Natural spotlights and the wrong Whanga
Fri 28 Apr 23:20 Hell no not Hukka Falls today
Fri 28 Apr 23:15 Our Delta Lodge home in the Wairakei Thermal Valley Campground
Thu 27 Apr 20:01 Lady Knox Rainbow Mountain Wai o Tapu Ernest Kemp and a Crafty Trout
Wed 26 Apr 19:05 Round blue hot pools and the Mitai Maori Evening
Tue 25 Apr 20:36 Seabreezes Homebrew bubbling mud pools and odd campers
Mon 24 Apr 19:26 AA Rescue and lunch at Browns Bay
Sun 23 Apr 19:18 NZ The Calm after The Storm
Sat 22 Apr 19:25 True to the Forecast of Rain Our last day in Blenheim
Sat 22 Apr 19:09 NZ Husband Care Picton Ferry funny humour and moving home
Sat 22 Apr 19:05 NZ The Edwin Fox
Sat 22 Apr 18:56 NZ WW2 Exhibition at Omaka Aviation Centre Blenheim
Sat 15 Apr 20:02 Fw: Zoonie is fine
Tue 04 Apr 18:03 Yealands Seaview Vineyard
Mon 03 Apr 19:41 The open north section of Highway 1 leading to Seddon and a remarkable bridge
Sun 02 Apr 19:38 Happy times in Hokitika
Sun 02 Apr 19:05 Gems of Hokitika and Highway 63 to Blenheim pics
Mar 2017
Fri 31 Mar 19:23 The EvolvingTrees of Gondwanaland
Fri 31 Mar 17:04 Canon pics from the treetops of Hokitika
Fri 31 Mar 02:33 Ross Gold Town photos
Fri 31 Mar 02:27 Glacier Gold Rush and Graham
Thu 30 Mar 00:05 Forty Hours in the Wilderness
Tue 28 Mar 18:14 A Doubtful Sound
Tue 28 Mar 17:55 Manapouri Motel and Holiday Park camp 14
Tue 28 Mar 17:52 Doubtful Sound through A telescopic lens
Sun 26 Mar 18:34 A Tale of two males from Invercargill
Sat 25 Mar 16:58 Down and out in Dunedin with second half pics
Sat 25 Mar 16:47 Down and out in Dunedin with half pictures
Thu 23 Mar 20:40 Canon photos of the Otago Peninsular fauna
Thu 23 Mar 20:32 Flatlands and Blue Penguins
Wed 22 Mar 17:16 Loaded car ready for Akaroa
Wed 22 Mar 17:06 Little blue penguins in rehab and Christchurch Museum
Wed 22 Mar 17:04 Antarctic Storm and a snow bus ride
Wed 22 Mar 17:00 Lunch at ReStart and Earthquake Centre
Wed 22 Mar 16:57 Catch ups Christchurch tram ride
Wed 08 Mar 20:09 Necessity is the mother of Invention and an Antarctic Storm in Christchurch.
Wed 08 Mar 04:56 Greymouth’s Deadly Bar contrasts with Monteith Brewery’s friendl y Bar.
Feb 2017
Thu 23 Feb 18:47 From the Cicadas of Abel Tasman to the humming forests of Nelson Lakes and the roaring Tasman Coast.
Tue 21 Feb 19:00 From smart Nelson City to the rural beauty of Abel Tasman National Park
Sat 18 Feb 07:31 And down from Arthurs Pass to Christchurch the AA and a garage for a service and new cam seal
Sat 18 Feb 07:28 Historic Crossings Building Works and an early environmentalist
Sat 18 Feb 07:25 The Brunner coal mine scene of NZ s worst workplace disaster Arthurs Pass Trans Alpine Crossing our engine leak and the endangered but curious Kea Alp
Sat 18 Feb 07:19 Greymouth today The wreck of the Lauderdale and A magical sunset at our camp and the endless beach
Sat 18 Feb 07:13 Time for lunch and the brewery tour
Sat 18 Feb 07:10 Another bar but this one is at Monteiths Brewery Greymouth Museum a past of gold and coal railroad routes and now one end of the trans Alpine Route to
Sat 18 Feb 07:04 Sunset at Greymouth and panoramic view of same Richards lifeboat cafe The deadly Greymouth Bar and its victims
Sat 18 Feb 06:59 Punakaiki Pancake rocks on the fabulous Tasman west coast a fur seal colony beneath us
Sat 18 Feb 06:51 Cape Foulwind named by Captain Cook Spot the deliberate mistake in the Victorian photo on the beach
Sat 18 Feb 06:47 Onward down the Buller River Gorge goldmining country and a Moari route
Sat 18 Feb 06:43 Go jump in the lake Brunner talks about his Maori guide Kehu
Sat 18 Feb 06:37 Baby doll sheep in the hop fields Our camp in St Arnaud A walk alongside Rotoiti Lake in the Nelson Lakes through Honeydew Beech Forest
Sat 18 Feb 06:25 Boat to Anchorage Bay in Abel Tasman and walk back to camp
Sat 18 Feb 06:17 Passed wineyards roadworks and a monument to Wakefield to Marahau camp at Abel Tasman Parks doorstep
Sat 18 Feb 06:13 Lunch at Cable Bay then back to Nelson for a riverwalk and Kingfisher
Sat 18 Feb 06:10 Mahai Trees aged over 1000 years and the Happy Valley SkyWire ride
Sat 18 Feb 06:04 Fashionable Nelson and its hostelries
Sat 18 Feb 06:02 The road to Nelson The Cathedral and Wakefield who named the town he established
Sat 18 Feb 05:59 Ferry Across Cook Strait and a walk from the camp at Momorangi
Wed 08 Feb 05:57 The Deafening Cicadas of Queen Charlotte Sound and number five camp, at Momorangi and ten minutes of elevated joy.
Sat 04 Feb 20:38 Wellington Old Bailey waterfront and bendy fountain
Sat 04 Feb 20:36 City centre and views from the terrace botanic garden during walk back down
Sat 04 Feb 20:33 Wellington's Anglican Cathedral and Parliament Buildings
Sat 04 Feb 20:30 Views from and inside Te Papa New Zealands prime Museum a possum Maori contemporary art a Tongan skirt and the Waitangi Treaty
Sat 04 Feb 20:22 From National Park camp to Upper Hutt near Wellington
Sat 04 Feb 20:20 Mt Ruapehu erupting and peeking
Sat 04 Feb 20:19 Fishers Trail looking up to a Kauri tree and mainline station cafe
Sat 04 Feb 20:15 Walk to Opakapa Maori camp Rob returns stray cattle to their field and manuka tree
Sat 04 Feb 20:12 Waitomo Camp and caves Weta bug goat skeleton and glow worms
Fri 03 Feb 23:51 New Zealand Third camp National Park Fourth Camp Wellington
Jan 2017
Sun 29 Jan 11:22 Camp NZ Begins
Sun 29 Jan 11:17 Natural Bridge Marokopa Falls Coast onto the Tasman Sea
Sun 29 Jan 11:11 Ruakuri Bush Reserve near Waikomo
Sun 29 Jan 11:06 First Camp Sandspit and Horseshoe Bay walk
Sun 29 Jan 11:01 Kawau Island Challenger Rocks Mansion House Forest Track walk
Sun 29 Jan 10:56 Maouri and Scottish settlers in Waipu
Sun 29 Jan 10:53 Hare Krishna in Wharangei
Thu 19 Jan 14:46 New Hydrovane sail and Birthday girl's dress
Thu 19 Jan 14:43 Abbey Caves and Canoe trip spot the glow worms in the black photo
Thu 19 Jan 14:34 John next door and dinghy chaps
Thu 19 Jan 13:50 Waipu Highland Games
Wed 18 Jan 10:13 Whangarei Old Geysers etc
Fri 13 Jan 11:52 The Highland Games at Waipu, About Thyme and Pfaffs Away Chaps.
Fri 06 Jan 13:43 Our Twelve Days of Christmas Part 4
Wed 04 Jan 14:08 Our Twelve Days of Christmas. Part 3
Tue 03 Jan 08:48 Last day Trek to Smugglers Cove on Bream Heads with random pic of sushi lunch thrown in
Tue 03 Jan 08:42 Anchors away to the biggest seacave in the world and the biggest manta ray I have ever seen
Tue 03 Jan 08:37 The Poor Knights Islands Trip snorkelling and fish watching upside down
Tue 03 Jan 08:30 Boxing Day walk along Breams Bay Beach
Tue 03 Jan 08:28 Boxing Day The Hatea Loop Walk and Pavlova for lunch
Tue 03 Jan 08:18 Christmas Day
Tue 03 Jan 08:16 Welcome distractions on the homeward journey
Tue 03 Jan 08:14 Lady Knox Geyser and other Taupo thermal region delights
Tue 03 Jan 08:09 Tongariro National Park Tavern with goats
Tue 03 Jan 08:06 Mt Ruapehu and the Tarawaki Falls trek
Tue 03 Jan 08:01 Opal Springs Holiday Park and our car
Tue 03 Jan 07:59 Hobbiton some I may have missed
Tue 03 Jan 07:54 The Green Dragon Hobbiton
Tue 03 Jan 07:51 Gollam and Hobbiton
Tue 03 Jan 07:43 To Kiwi North with Kyle and Shelley
Tue 03 Jan 07:36 Whangarei Falls and Shelley with her birthday flowers and the note she found floating in the water
Tue 03 Jan 07:15 Our Twelve Days of Christmas part two
Dec 2016
Sat 31 Dec 11:01 Our Twelve Days of Christmas First Three Days
Tue 13 Dec 13:44 A Day along the Tutukaka Coast and the ferro cement yacht
Tue 13 Dec 13:42 A Yummy Thai meal
Tue 13 Dec 13:40 Views from Mount Parihaka with Tony and Gail
Tue 13 Dec 13:37 In our own Marina and Zoonie decked out in day and night decorations
Tue 13 Dec 13:34 Views of the Town Basin from Riverside Marina and Tai Chi Man
Tue 13 Dec 13:33 Birdy friends
Tue 13 Dec 13:32 Zoonie's windows are fixed with new pot rivets
Tue 13 Dec 13:30 Quarry Gardens and the lake where we listened to 'A Choired Taste'
Tue 13 Dec 13:28 BBQ at Naylene and Phil's countryside retreat
Tue 13 Dec 10:58 Zoonie is ready for Christmas
Nov 2016
Thu 24 Nov 10:00 Waitangi Treaty Grounds
Thu 24 Nov 09:51 Rob as our chief is welcomed by the Maori Chief before the concert at Waitangi Meeting House starts.
Thu 24 Nov 09:46 Guppy was the boat in which Laura Dekker circumnavigated the globe a few years ago when she was 15 years old. Our neglected neighbour Wild Thyme.
Thu 24 Nov 09:43 The energetic five hour round hike to Whangarei Falls with Gail and Tony
Thu 24 Nov 09:39 The Hatea Loop Walk
Thu 24 Nov 09:36 Zoonie's arrival through the Te Matau a Pohe bridge, shaped like a traditional fishing hook, into Whangarei Town Basin
Thu 24 Nov 09:30 Local bird life
Wed 23 Nov 13:31 35:43.40S 174:19.5E Loose Connections in Whangarei 35:43.40S 174:19.50E
Thu 10 Nov 22:29 35:50.20S 174:28.119E Marsden Cove Marina. 35:50.20S 174:28.12E
Thu 10 Nov 22:28 28:15.76S 175:04.48E 28:15.76S 175:04.48E
Oct 2016
Sat 29 Oct 21:24 26:45.94S 177:11.07E Half position way to the end of leg two 26:45.94S 177:11.07E
Sat 29 Oct 21:21 23:39.49S 178:54.132W Midnight in Minerva. 23:39.49S 178:54.13W
Sat 29 Oct 21:20 Hunga Haven Circumnavigation then onward to North Minerva Reef
Tue 18 Oct 20:53 Tonga Hunga Haven and a truly remarkable day
Tue 18 Oct 20:37 Tonga back at Hunga beach and Cindy and Barry's garden
Tue 18 Oct 20:34 Tonga Hunga beach scramble
Tue 18 Oct 20:28 Tonga Hunga Jungle Walk
Tue 18 Oct 20:26 Tonga Entry into Hunga Haven
Tue 18 Oct 19:52 Tonga Our Last Sunday There
Mon 17 Oct 19:10 Tonga Boatyard Bliss and Hunga Haven
Sat 15 Oct 19:27 Lingering longer in Tonga
Fri 14 Oct 17:33 Tonga Tropicana our fav place and views from Bellavista
Fri 14 Oct 17:30 Tonga lunch then back in she goes
Fri 14 Oct 17:24 Tonga work begins before a relaxing swim
Fri 14 Oct 17:21 Tonga lift out
Fri 14 Oct 17:14 Tonga sunset after the rain no filters used
Fri 14 Oct 17:11 Tonga Minerva Reef loading rainwater from dinghy cocktails with Tony Gail Christina and Verner
Fri 14 Oct 17:08 Tonga Blue Water Rally Prizegiving
Sat 08 Oct 03:34 Tonga a small case of overfishing
Sat 08 Oct 03:32 Tonga early morning reflections
Sat 08 Oct 03:30 Tonga Faka Laidi Show in the Bounty Bar
Sat 08 Oct 03:26 Tonga Topu's Tonga home Utilei Beach
Sat 08 Oct 03:18 Tonga Schooner
Sat 08 Oct 03:17 Tonga BWR friendly race
Sat 08 Oct 03:10 Tonga Blue Water Rally Hosea School Dancing
Sat 08 Oct 00:03 The Dancing Ladies of Tonga.
Tue 04 Oct 22:29 Vavau Tonga Vital Fuel Delivery
Tue 04 Oct 22:18 Vavau Tonga Views from the Basque Bar
Tue 04 Oct 22:15 Vacau Tonga Market and fish stall
Tue 04 Oct 22:13 Vavau Tonga Ladies Day
Tue 04 Oct 22:11 Vavau Tonga Villa Vanilla
Tue 04 Oct 21:55 Vavau Tonga
Tue 04 Oct 21:48 Vavau Tonga Black eye and banana bread
Tue 04 Oct 21:47 Vavau Tonga around town
Tue 04 Oct 21:44 Vavau Tonga Offshore
Sep 2016
Fri 30 Sep 20:12 ‘Sea Oak escapes the Keystone Co ps’ and ‘Hanileti in his Garden of Eden.’
Fri 30 Sep 20:11 Murder in the Friendly Islands and Back to Bahia Temperatures.
Fri 23 Sep 03:12 18:39.61S 173:58.99W Tonga Friendly Islands 18:39.61S 173:58.99W
Thu 22 Sep 04:44 Niue Whale and her calf
Thu 22 Sep 04:38 Canon Bora Bora
Thu 22 Sep 04:34 Niue inclement weather then snorkelling from Zoonie
Thu 22 Sep 04:31 Niue Limestone arches
Thu 22 Sep 04:29 Niue snorkelling in Limu Pools
Thu 22 Sep 04:19 Niue A day with Christina and Verner
Thu 22 Sep 04:14 Niue We launched the rib from Avatele slip to see the spinner dolphins
Thu 22 Sep 04:11 Niue exploring a sea track and driving back through the jungle
Thu 22 Sep 04:07 Niue jungle walk and the dearly departed, gone but not forgotten
Thu 22 Sep 04:02 Niue chasm and cooking method in the ground
Thu 22 Sep 03:58 Cooks Landing
Thu 22 Sep 03:55 Niue market and Crazy G's fish n chips
Thu 22 Sep 03:52 Niue landing process
Thu 22 Sep 03:50 Niue gale and bacon butty
Thu 15 Sep 03:25 Four days on Niue.
Sun 11 Sep 20:18 19:03.30S 169:55.45N. Niue. Basking with whales
Sun 04 Sep 19:59 17:44.35S 161:17.08W Heeding th e warnings – Palmerston Gale 17:44.35S 161:17.08W
Aug 2016
Wed 31 Aug 19:40 17:08.09S 153:51.45W One day out from Bora Bora 17:08.09S 153:51.45W
Wed 31 Aug 19:39 Bora Bora on borrowed bikes.
Sat 27 Aug 22:23 Bora Bora 13 bike ride, 207 and 208 B & B Bora style, 211 Vaitape Passenger Terminal on a busy day! Kim and Katti with us for supper in the MaiKai Mar
Sat 27 Aug 22:13 Bora Bora 12 The Bora Bora Yacht Club we came to first
Sat 27 Aug 22:01 Bora Bora 11 New location at anchor off Maikai Marina and Vaitape town and Wind Spirit we saw at night on our way over
Sat 27 Aug 21:55 Bora Bora 10 Uncle back to work while we finish our circuit of the island, Crazy being crazy
Sat 27 Aug 21:50 Bora Bora 9 After lunch fun time, how to shuck a coconut, reloading the dogs
Sat 27 Aug 21:42 Bora Bora 8 Lunch time venue Tim's mum, another uncle arrives by jetski
Sat 27 Aug 21:37 Bora Bora 7 Back to the boat and its snack time and dropping some folk off at the Meridien Hotel
Sat 27 Aug 21:32 Bora Bora 6 Down to find Mr Morey Eel in his cave, the fish aren't at all afraid of him
Sat 27 Aug 21:26 Bora Bora 6 Octopussy
Sat 27 Aug 21:23 Bora Bora 5 Fishes
Sat 27 Aug 21:16 Bora Bora 4 Underway again with Tim and his Uncle Crazy, named as he is!
Sat 27 Aug 21:13 Bora Bora 3 The closest we've been to frigate birds and hotel chalets
Sat 27 Aug 21:10 Bora Bora reef day 2 Tim with rays
Sat 27 Aug 21:04 Bora Bora Reef day 1 Tim Papa and sharks
Sat 27 Aug 00:23 Leaving Tahiti through a very narrow pass to an anchorage in Moorea
Sat 27 Aug 00:19 Lovely Vaina Beach after the blow hol
Sat 27 Aug 00:15 Tahitian dairy farmer's view, Stevenson's lighthouse Cooks passage of Venus monument and more gardens
Sat 27 Aug 00:04 Around Tahiti including the gardens surf site if you Google Teahupoo surfing 2016 you will get better pics and see the wave
Fri 26 Aug 23:53 Tahiti's excellent museum and a very hot Rob in the garden
Fri 26 Aug 23:48 Birthday girl with cake and presents
Fri 26 Aug 23:44 canoeing over the reef outside the marina Taina
Fri 26 Aug 23:38 Papeete, capital of Tahiti
Wed 24 Aug 16:46 16:29.35S 151:45.16W Over the reef around Bora Bora. 16:29.35S 151:45.16W
Wed 24 Aug 16:44 16:38.40S 151:29.09W Tahaa above Raiatea. A fine cruise but some sad news. 16:38.40S 151:29.09W
Fri 19 Aug 00:56 Fw: 17:35.18S 149:36.93W Tahiti arrival and in Cook’s Wake. 17:35.18S 149:36.93W
Fri 19 Aug 00:52 17:35.18S 149:36.93W Tahiti arri val and in Cook’s Wake. 17:35.18S 149:36.93W
Thu 11 Aug 22:04 Hiva Oa file 3 of 3
Thu 11 Aug 21:55 Hiva Oa file 2
Thu 11 Aug 21:47 Hiva Oa file 1
Thu 11 Aug 21:35 Nuku Hiva file 3 of 3 hopefully
Thu 11 Aug 21:25 Nuku Hiva file 2 of 3
Thu 11 Aug 20:40 Nuku Hiva file 1 of 2
Mon 08 Aug 18:36 16:06.47S 147:58.46W The Enhanced Trades 16:06.47S 147:58.46W
Sat 06 Aug 18:22 13:14.68S 144:42.03W Do the maths and set the sail. 13:14.68S 144:42.03W
Tue 02 Aug 20:57 9:54.47S 139:06.29W Baie Hanamoenoa on Tahuata south of Hiva Oa. 9:54.47S 139:06.29W
Jul 2016
Fri 29 Jul 18:29 8:48.3S 139:01.73W Baie Taahuku on Hiva Oa. Last dance in Nuku Hiva 8:48.30S 139:01.73W
Sat 23 Jul 22:39 22nd July, The End of a dynasty.
Thu 21 Jul 19:42 The Pacific Crossing
Mon 18 Jul 21:13 08:54.97S140:05.98W 17th July 2016 Baie de Taiohae, Nuku Hiva
Fri 15 Jul 00:18 08:56.95S139:28.69W Arrived in the Marquises
Tue 12 Jul 20:15 08:52.68S135:39,68W 8th July We are the Perpetual Centre of our horizon.
Fri 08 Jul 17:56 08:09.30S128:27,00W Countdown Marquesas, 8th July 2016
Wed 06 Jul 18:39 08:01.84S124:01.18W Whale Strike at night? You decide. 5th July
Mon 04 Jul 17:34 07:00.82S 120:02.45W White flare and perfect evenings. 2nd July. 7:00.82S 120:02.45W
Jun 2016
Tue 28 Jun 19:15 05:49.13S 108:47.66W Tuesday 28th June Half way 5:49.13S 108:47.66W
Fri 24 Jun 15:41 03:58.58S 100:09.97W 24th June 2016 Brown footed shearwaters and yellow fin tuna. 3:58.58S 100:09.97W
Wed 22 Jun 16:24 03:05.70S 095:53.95W Whale watch ing breakfasts and the Diva’s Re turn. The Early South Pacific. 3:05.70S 95:53.95W
Sat 18 Jun 17:37 01:45.38S 087:40.4W Pasta bugs in decline and new to us bird species. Written on 17th June 2016 1:45.38S 87:40.40W
Wed 15 Jun 15:32 00:21.49S 081:45.97W Back on the Briny, South Pacific 14th June 2016 0:21.49S 81:45.97W
Wed 15 Jun 15:26 Bahia. One eared dogs and feral children.
Wed 15 Jun 15:25 Last days in Bahia
Sun 12 Jun 16:05 Bahia looks to the future
Fri 10 Jun 11:34 The rebuilding begins
Fri 10 Jun 11:18 Back to Bahia
Fri 10 Jun 10:50 Nuptials in Norfolk
Fri 10 Jun 10:42 00:36.38S 80:25.31W Written from Bahia about England our green and pleasant land 0:36.38S 80:25.31W
Fri 10 Jun 10:38 Family time, grandchildren and a wedding
May 2016
Fri 20 May 10:40 Cusco revisited
Fri 20 May 10:36 In the river valley below Machu Picchu
Fri 20 May 10:24 Machu Picchu on a foggy day
Fri 20 May 09:53 Day 3 16 kilometres on the top of the World
Fri 20 May 09:37 Machu Picchu, to Dead Woman's Pass
Fri 20 May 09:17 Misleading the Spanish
Fri 20 May 09:04 The Weavers of Chinchero
Fri 20 May 08:53 Off to a smashing start
Thu 19 May 10:58 Eating out in Cusco
Thu 19 May 10:08 Around Cuzco
Thu 19 May 09:50 Cuzco - City of charms
Thu 19 May 09:34 From our Hotel room in Lima
Thu 19 May 09:31 Kennedy Park full of kitties and historic earthquake damage measures
Thu 19 May 09:16 Our Pub in Lima, we visited so often we were given a loyalty card!
Wed 18 May 11:22 Farewell lovely Amazon and Quito from above the cable car
Wed 18 May 11:07 A day with the Kitchwa Native people
Wed 18 May 10:33 Jungle things
Wed 18 May 10:11 Up the Panacocha River to Piranha Lake and the Amazon Lodge for lunch
Wed 18 May 09:42 Up the Amazon
Wed 18 May 09:21 An Oasis of traditional and natural history
Wed 18 May 09:04 Art Architecture Iguanas plus God and his brother, Che Guevara in Guyaquil
Tue 10 May 06:23 May Day!
Tue 10 May 06:02 13:09.23S 72:32.34W The face of Machu Picchu 13:09.23S 72:32.34W
Tue 10 May 05:03 13:16.96S 72:53.39W To the Sun Gate 13:16.96S 72:53.39W
Sat 07 May 06:21 13:22.33S 72:49.87W She be coming round the mountain when she comes! 13:22.33S 72:49.87W
Sat 07 May 05:35 13:14.35S 72:29.2W Warminannuska, Dead Woman's Pass 4215mtrs. 13:14.35S 72:29.20W
Sat 07 May 04:59 13:26.60S 72:44.85W 1st camp @ 9,900ft 13:26.60S 72:44.85W
Apr 2016
Wed 27 Apr 00:58 13:31.19S 71:58.30W Cusco the 11,000 ft high Inca Capital 13:31.19S 71:58.30W
Tue 26 Apr 15:09 12:12.18S 77:10.44W The case of the lost handbag and Lost Portaloos Hotel 12:12.18S 77:10.44W
Thu 21 Apr 00:03 Quitting Quito and good news at last.
Wed 20 Apr 23:23 The wonders of modern communication and night time canoe ride.
Wed 20 Apr 22:40 The Kitchwa people.
Wed 20 Apr 21:21 0:28.21S 76:58.50W To the Panacocha River estuary. 0:28.21S 76:58.50W
Wed 20 Apr 13:32 0:29.5S 76:17.33W 700 feet above sea level somewhere on the Amazon. 0:29.50S 76:17.33W
Wed 20 Apr 13:16 0:12.9S 78 Beyond the black stump
Fri 15 Apr 00:10 Guayaquil Walkabout Day 2
Thu 14 Apr 23:19 02:15.0S 79:50.8W Guayaquil two days lookabout 2:15.00S 79:50.80W
Sun 10 Apr 13:00 The bridge at night and underneath
Sun 10 Apr 12:55 Ariosto takes Steve back to his boat after cleaning it for him
Sun 10 Apr 12:53 Bahia shoreline fishermen
Sun 10 Apr 12:48 The ride from Canoa to Bahia
Sun 10 Apr 12:43 Canoa Ecuador
Sun 10 Apr 12:35 Puerto Amistad – House of Martin s
Sun 03 Apr 11:56 Harry's bar and the perfect coffee
Sun 03 Apr 11:47 Birdlife around Puerto Amistad and a puffer fish running out of puff
Sun 03 Apr 11:45 Puerto Amistad our base
Sun 03 Apr 11:38 Equator day tropic birds circling and debris in the sea
Sun 03 Apr 11:30 Windlass shelf repairs
Sat 02 Apr 13:01 2nd April. Immigration Ahoy. Zoonie is impounded!
Fri 01 Apr 12:19 0:36.00S 80:25.00W Let Ariosto be our guide to Puerto Amistad Bahia de Caraquez 0:36.00S 80:25.00W
Mar 2016
Sun 27 Mar 12:22 Percy goes fishing and the turbulent southern tip of the Isla del Rey Las Perlas
Sun 27 Mar 12:15 Calcique anchorage, beach and river Calcique where King Toe lost his fortune in pearls to the Spanish, friendly local farmers and fruits of the forest
Sun 27 Mar 12:05 Our saviour fishermen and the Spanish Mackerel, Wild Berry, 74 foot of troubled luxury, a trip ashore, Isla Viveros Las Perlas
Sun 27 Mar 11:56 Mogo mogo deserted island Las Perlas pics
Sun 27 Mar 11:51 Views from the anchorage and lunch ashore on Contadora
Sun 27 Mar 11:45 Delivery of pontoons a health risk to Las Perlas
Sun 27 Mar 11:35 Panama Canal Dredger more attractive at night don't you think
Sun 27 Mar 11:32 Panama Hat Time.
Sun 27 Mar 11:30 Panama City Tour Pics
Sun 27 Mar 11:16 Flamenco Anchorage Pics
Sun 27 Mar 11:10 Miraflores Lock Panama Canal and Balboa Docks Pics
Sun 27 Mar 11:07 Bio Museum Panama
Fri 25 Mar 16:17 000:00.000S 80:27.04W 25th March Good Friday Equator Day 0:00.00N 80:27.04W
Fri 25 Mar 16:15 02:00.36N 80:12.91W Nearing the thin blue line, Neptune’s Parlou r 2:00.36N 80:12.91W
Thu 24 Mar 16:52 08:02.99N 79:08.90W Like a Bat out of Hell 8:02.99N 79:08.90W
Thu 24 Mar 16:48 08:13.25N 79:06.25W San Jose a beaulieu with sharp teeth 8:13.25N 79:06.25W
Wed 23 Mar 16:12 08:17.75N 78:54.25W King Toe and the Pile of Pearls Isla del Rey 8:17.75N 78:54.25W
Wed 23 Mar 16:10 08:27.50N 78:59.9W With Wild Berry in Viveros 8:27.50N 78:59.90W
Tue 22 Mar 15:34 08:35.2N 79:01.2W The Channel Between Isla Chapera and Mogo Mogo 8:35.20N 79:01.20W
Tue 22 Mar 15:30 8:37.4N 79:01.8W Waiting for the blue waters of Las Perlas. Contadora Island 8:37.40N 79:01.80W
Tue 15 Mar 12:29 8:37.4N 79:01.8W Waiting for the Blue 8:37.40N 79:01.80W
Fri 11 Mar 13:27 08:54.5N 79:31.6W 8:54.50N 79:31.60W
Sun 06 Mar 12:44 Panama - an aside message
Sun 06 Mar 12:37 08:54.5N 79:31.65W Flamenco Panama How much? 8:54.50N 79:31.65W
Sat 05 Mar 16:54 Another Sweltering night in Paradise, Swelter Bay!
Thu 03 Mar 11:04 Gatun Lake - crossing the isthmus of Panama
Thu 03 Mar 11:04 Farewells and meet Alex our man in Panama in Panama hat!
Thu 03 Mar 11:02 Pedro Miguel Locks - Miraflores Lake and Miraflores Locks
Thu 03 Mar 10:43 The uphill Gatun locks
Thu 03 Mar 10:32 Shelter Bay Marina
Feb 2016
Sun 28 Feb 22:01 Zoonie Canal Webcams 9:22.02N 79:57.05W
Sun 28 Feb 21:19 Zoonie Canal Crossing
Sun 28 Feb 11:47 Shelter Bay Curacao Pics
Sun 28 Feb 11:45 Curacao to Panama
Sun 28 Feb 11:34 Curacao Pirate's Nest and Santa Cruz Bay north Curacao
Sun 28 Feb 11:16 13:44.06N 77:45.07W Three Preparations for Panama 13:44.06N 77:45.07W
Sun 21 Feb 14:03 14:09.02N 76:01.11W Lull after the gales 14:09.02N 76:01.11W
Fri 19 Feb 18:06 14:0094N 71:34.05W Skirting the Colombian Low 14:94.00N 71:34.05W
Sun 14 Feb 23:11 Curacao pretty flamingoes Fort Beekenburg and Punta Waterfront from the Juliana Bridge
Sun 14 Feb 23:04 Curacao Playa Lagun underwater and on shore
Sun 14 Feb 22:58 Curacao Christoffel Park Coastal route
Sun 14 Feb 22:55 Curacao Masters Mansion Savonet Plantation
Sun 14 Feb 22:52 Curacao Christoffel Park Mountain region
Sun 14 Feb 18:27 Curacao Windy Spanish water and the road to Willemstad 12:04.83N 68:51.73W
Sun 14 Feb 18:08 Forward planning the next passage
Sun 14 Feb 17:43 Curacao - Two days by car
Wed 10 Feb 18:41 Curacao - Coffee then an experience lunch at Plaza Bieu
Wed 10 Feb 18:30 Curacao Willenstad waterfront
Wed 10 Feb 18:16 Curacao Arrival
Wed 10 Feb 18:05 Across the Caribbean Sea
Wed 10 Feb 18:02 Guadeloupe Farewell & aquarium
Tue 09 Feb 23:13 12:04.83N 68:51.73W Turbulent Teens and Spanish Bay, Curacao 12:04.83N 68:51.73W
Thu 04 Feb 16:28 14:05.25N 65:11.92W Half way to Curacao across the Caribbean Sea 14:05.25N 65:11.92W
Mon 01 Feb 12:56 (no subject)
Mon 01 Feb 12:45 Guadeloupe last few days
Jan 2016
Fri 29 Jan 16:38 Guadeloupe Pelican pics
Fri 29 Jan 16:28 Guadeloupe Point a Pitre
Fri 29 Jan 16:25 Guadeloupe Pointe a Pitre Cottage Industry
Fri 29 Jan 16:21 Guadeloupe Pointe a Pitre
Fri 29 Jan 15:58 Guadeloupe Capital City Pointe a Pitre
Thu 28 Jan 11:42 Guadeloupe pics West Coast, hurricane retreat at Marigot Bay and Malandure beach
Thu 28 Jan 11:38 Guadeloupe pics - Seat clenching drive back down from the Griveliere Plantation
Thu 28 Jan 11:35 Guadeloupe pics - The Griveliere coffee, banana and cocoa plantation
Thu 28 Jan 11:18 Guadeloupe pics - Columbus' landing place and Carbet waterfalls
Thu 28 Jan 11:12 Guadeloupe Pics - Beauport Sugar Plantation
Thu 28 Jan 11:04 Guadeloupe - Vieux Bourg location of kayaks
Thu 28 Jan 10:59 Guadeloupe - Kayaks and mangroves
Thu 28 Jan 10:52 Guadeloupe Forest Walk
Thu 28 Jan 10:47 Koi and parrots, trees and cascades
Thu 28 Jan 10:43 Guadeloupe Beaches and Deshaies
Wed 27 Jan 12:48 (no subject)
Wed 27 Jan 12:37 Guadeloupe by car
Tue 26 Jan 11:09 Guadeloupe Early Days
Fri 22 Jan 10:33 Fw: Atlantic pics 4
Fri 22 Jan 10:31 Fw: Atlantic pics 3
Fri 22 Jan 09:51 Atlantic pics 2
Fri 22 Jan 09:42 Atlantic Pics 1
Thu 21 Jan 11:31 Atlantic Crossing 4 Let's Rock and Roll
Wed 20 Jan 11:31 Atlantic Crossing 3 Breaking news - Diva on Stage by 8.00am!
Tue 19 Jan 12:49 16:13.00N 61:32W Atlantic Crossing 2. Zoonie is surfing due west to Guadeloupe. 16:13.00N 61:32.00W
Mon 18 Jan 15:09 Atlantic Crossing 1. New Year's Eve - Atlantic Day
Sun 17 Jan 15:23 16:08.48N 61:20.37W Bonjour from Guadeloupe 16:08.48N 61:20.37W
Wed 13 Jan 11:14 16:49.92N 52:47.58W Mystery Fish Curry 16:49.92N 52:47.58W
Wed 13 Jan 11:13 16:49.92N 52:47.58W Mystery Fish Curry 16:49.92N 52:47.58W
Sat 09 Jan 18:06 17:24.55N 46:05.80 Thief aboard!
Thu 07 Jan 13:17 17:13.25N 041:23.73W Day 8 Squall Watch 17:13.25N 41:23.73W
Mon 04 Jan 13:23 17:13.50N 34:35.13W Atlantic first quarter done 17:13.50N 34:35.13W
Fri 01 Jan 11:59 17:01.94N 27:13.31W Atlantic Day 2 January 1st 2016 17:01.94N 27:13.31W
Dec 2015
Sun 27 Dec 12:28 Mindelo PICS 2
Sun 27 Dec 12:24 Mindelo Pics
Sat 26 Dec 13:26 16:53.00N 25:00.00W Mindelo Meanderings 16:53.00N 25:00.00W
Sat 19 Dec 12:16 La Gomera to Cape Verdes PICS
Sat 19 Dec 11:36 Canon does Gomera PICS
Sat 19 Dec 11:34 Trekking with Chris and Sandra PICS
Sat 19 Dec 11:30 Early Christmas on board PICS
Sat 19 Dec 11:28 A walk around the heights above La Gomera PICS
Sat 19 Dec 11:18 In and around La Gomera PICS
Sat 19 Dec 10:56 16:53.28N 25:00.06W Written from Mindelo 16:53.28N 25:00.06W
Wed 16 Dec 13:41 19:34.34N 22:51.34W 200 miles to go! 19:34.34N 22:51.34W
Mon 14 Dec 12:43 22:16.30N 20:50.47W Get down there woman and write a blog 22:16.30N 20:50.47W
Sat 12 Dec 12:05 24:42.13N 18:59.94W Cape Verdes bound 24:42.13N 18:59.94W
Fri 04 Dec 14:42 Goodbye Gomera, and The Canaries
Thu 03 Dec 07:33 Castillo del Mar Gomera part 2 PICS
Thu 03 Dec 07:29 Playa de Vallehermoso Castillo del Mar La Gomera Canon PICS
Thu 03 Dec 07:23 Canon Camera Pics Garajonay National Park Walk La Gomera PICS
Thu 03 Dec 07:19 Los Telares Gofio Water Mill and ethnographic centre Gomera Pics
Thu 03 Dec 07:06 La Gomera Valle Grand Rei to the beach and back PICS
Thu 03 Dec 07:01 Gomera forest walk PICS
Thu 03 Dec 06:56 Gomera hull cleaning 007 style PICS
Thu 03 Dec 06:54 San Sebastian Gomera at night PICS
Thu 03 Dec 06:52 San sebastian PICS
Wed 02 Dec 13:04 The Brioche Lady - Elaine off for the weekend - PICS
Nov 2015
Sat 28 Nov 14:17 28:05.01N 17:06.53W Marina de la Gomera at San Sebastian 28:05.01N 17:06.53W
Mon 23 Nov 17:39 Zoonie's 5 new solar panels, and Peter from Jean de la Lune
Mon 23 Nov 17:37 Santa Cruz - Tenerefe PICS
Mon 23 Nov 17:35 San Miguel Marina PICS
Mon 23 Nov 17:31 Mt Teide Tenerife PICS
Sun 22 Nov 18:04 22nd November San Miguel for a few more days.
Wed 18 Nov 08:18 Views from Marina Torre Bar and Boatyard business PICS
Wed 18 Nov 08:13 Lost (!) Christianos
Wed 18 Nov 08:12 With Paul and Richard in San Miguel Tenerife
Wed 18 Nov 08:07 Puerto Mogan revisited PICS
Wed 18 Nov 08:02 Through Gran Valle to Playa Cofete by tough bus PICS
Wed 18 Nov 07:57 Morro Jable Fuerteventura PICS
Tue 17 Nov 19:19 28:01.17N 16:36.89W Marina San Miguel, Gran Canaria 28:01.17N 16:36.89W
Tue 17 Nov 19:19 27:48.94N 15:45.81W Puerto do Mogan 27:48.94N 15:45.81W
Tue 17 Nov 17:13 28:02.97N 14:21.9W Morro Jable. Beaten tracks and slipping gears. Overnight to Gran Canaria. 28:02.97N 14:21.90W
Tue 17 Nov 15:03 Gran Tarajal Fuerteventura PICS
Tue 17 Nov 14:58 Betencuria - Fuerteventura pics
Tue 17 Nov 14:51 Arrecife to Puerto Rosario Fuerteventura PICS
Fri 06 Nov 14:37 28:12.32 N 14:01.44W Gran Tarajal Marina. First,3rd November Rosario to Betancuria, white knuckle, granny gasping ride. 4th Nov to Gran Tarajal 28:12.32N 14:01.44W
Mon 02 Nov 14:51 28:55.00N 13:42.17W 26.10.15 Arrecife to Puerto Calero sailing all the way 28:55.00N 13:42.17W
Mon 02 Nov 13:46 28:29.46N 13:51.3W Puerto Rosario, Capital of Fuerteventura 28:29.46N 13:51.30W
Oct 2015
Sun 25 Oct 14:50 Rugby World Cup delays departure.
Sun 25 Oct 14:50 Camels and coaches, volcanoes and vineyards
Sun 25 Oct 14:49 28:56.7N 13:32.8W Beards to Burgers 28:56.70N 13:32.80W
Sun 25 Oct 12:22 18th October. Charly and Tom arrive.
Sun 25 Oct 11:58 Arrecife still. Castella Santa Barbara Pirate Museum, Haria, Mirador del Rio and LIDL
Fri 23 Oct 16:22 Old Arrecife, fortification against pirates, harbour and lastly lunch at pretty Teguise, ideal base for a holiday
Fri 23 Oct 16:17 Sun sea and Ice-creams
Fri 23 Oct 16:10 Volcanoes and vineyards
Fri 23 Oct 15:47 Between the camels' ears with Charly and Tom
Fri 23 Oct 15:46 Cesar Manrique on Jameos del Agua Gardens, built for public enjoyment
Fri 23 Oct 15:34 Cesar Manrique - inspired municipal architect
Fri 23 Oct 15:20 Cesar Manrique 'Lava Man' his first home on Lanzarote near Tachine
Fri 23 Oct 14:54 Lanzarote pics
Wed 14 Oct 15:11 Rota to Arrecife pics
Wed 14 Oct 12:51 28:57.6N 13:32.4W Curate's egg second half of voyage 28:57.60N 13:32.40W
Thu 08 Oct 15:42 36:36.78N 6:20.76W Rota - A success story 36:36.78N 6:20.76W
Thu 08 Oct 15:12 36:35.3N 6:20.7W Castillo de San Sebastian west cardinal buoy Bahia de Cadiz 36:35.30N 6:20.70W
Thu 01 Oct 17:05 Cadiz, enlightened and charismatic
Thu 01 Oct 10:08 PS Seville
Sep 2015
Wed 30 Sep 15:17 Oratorio de San Felipe and view from the Castillo Santa Catalina
Wed 30 Sep 15:07 The Shtandart
Wed 30 Sep 15:03 Mercado and some macabre displays
Wed 30 Sep 14:57 Cadiz Museum and nearby gardens
Wed 30 Sep 14:49 Cadiz Streets
Wed 30 Sep 14:42 Cadiz - Cathedral
Sun 27 Sep 09:42 I love you Chipiona you have heart and soul and history!
Sun 27 Sep 09:08 36:36.78N 6:20.76W Rota Marina after Chipiona Departure 36:36.78N 6:20.76W
Sun 27 Sep 07:52 Seville Hospital de los Venerables and Centro Velasquez and coach station
Sun 27 Sep 07:48 Seville Carmen's Factory and Flamenco I'm in the pink
Sun 27 Sep 07:43 Seville Gardens of Maria Luisa
Sun 27 Sep 07:41 Seville Plaza de Espana built for Expo29
Sun 27 Sep 07:38 Seville Royal Palace Alcazar and gardens
Sun 27 Sep 07:33 Seville Cathedral area
Sun 27 Sep 07:25 Seville Alleys Plazas and bars
Sun 27 Sep 07:12 Mazagon and Chipiona Pics
Sun 27 Sep 07:04 Seville Hotel pics
Sat 26 Sep 19:21 Seville
Sat 26 Sep 19:20 36:45.2N 06:26.2W Chipiona Arrival 36:45.20N 6:26.20W
Sat 26 Sep 19:17 37:07.92N 06:50.13W Mazagon Marina 37:07.92N 6:50.13W
Sat 26 Sep 19:14 37:12.7N 07:24.4W Ayamonte Marina 37:12.70N 7:24.40W
Mon 21 Sep 19:53 36:59.8N 7:50.7W Praca Larga Anchorage Olhau near Faro 36:59.80N 7:50.70W
Mon 21 Sep 11:55 37:05.86N 008:39.68W Lagos 37:05.86N 8:39.68W
Sun 20 Sep 08:14 Ilha da Culatra anchorage and Ayamonte
Wed 16 Sep 11:38 37:00.05N 08:56.55W Sagres anchorage 37:00.05N 8:56.55W
Wed 16 Sep 10:44 37:57.1N 008:52.2 W Sines Anchorage 37:57.10N 8:52.20W
Tue 15 Sep 17:00 38:41.8N 9:24.7W Cascais Anchorage 38:41.80N 9:24.70W
Tue 15 Sep 16:01 Sagres
Tue 15 Sep 15:51 Sines revisited
Tue 15 Sep 15:43 Seixal
Tue 15 Sep 15:00 Lisbon Pics
Tue 15 Sep 14:36 Oeiras Sintra
Tue 08 Sep 16:42 38:38.9N 09:06 W Seixal and Lisbon 38:38.90N 9:06.00W
Tue 08 Sep 16:41 38:40.6N 9:18.76W Oeiras Marina England and Sintra 38:40.60N 9:18.76W
Aug 2015
Wed 26 Aug 10:59 39:20.82N 09:22.48W Peniche (should be twinned with Portland in my view, see my blog of last year) 39:20.82N 9:22.48W
Wed 26 Aug 10:18 40:08.68N 08:52.48W Figuera da Foz Where pigs might fly 40:08.68N 8:52.48W
Wed 26 Aug 09:59 41:11.08N 08:42.24W Leixoes and Porto 41:11.08N 8:42.24W
Wed 26 Aug 08:46 Peniche Pictures 2
Wed 26 Aug 08:01 Porto - Figuera Pics
Wed 26 Aug 08:00 41:40.34N 008:50.43W Viana do Castelo and Hello Portugal. 41:40.34N 8:50.43W
Tue 25 Aug 11:19 Viana to Porto Pics
Tue 25 Aug 11:01 Vigo - Bayona
Sat 22 Aug 18:13 41:40.34N 008:50.43W Viana do Castelo and Hello Portugal. 41:40.34N 8:50.43W
Sat 22 Aug 12:42 42:07.47N 008:50.55W Baiona (Bayona) Booms, bangs, bands, bells and bosoms (the photo will explain, they weren't mine, mores the pity) of Bayona 42:07.47N 8:50.55W
Thu 13 Aug 12:42 Wind rising in Vigo
Fri 07 Aug 14:09 Vigo still then.
Fri 07 Aug 12:38 Vigo still! Some pics Cangas, Cies and Vigo Marina
Tue 04 Aug 15:25 42:13.97N 08:44.42W Vigo Marina Davila Sport 42:13.97N 8:44.42W
Jul 2015
Wed 29 Jul 15:26 Photos Isla Cies and Cangas
Wed 29 Jul 06:41 42:14.00N 08:45.00W Vigo next then! 42:14.00N 8:45.00W
Tue 28 Jul 15:08 42:15.63N 08:46.95W Cangas Marina 42:15.63N 8:46.95W
Tue 28 Jul 14:52 42:13.00N 08:54.00W Playa Arenas das Rodas Anchorage Isla de Cies 42:13.00N 8:54.00W
Mon 27 Jul 16:18 Fw: Removing Zoonie's green moustache. Historic Galician sailin g rig.
Mon 27 Jul 15:18 Islas Ons and Cies
Mon 27 Jul 15:00 Villagarcia to Saixenxo
Mon 27 Jul 14:49 (no subject)
Mon 27 Jul 14:33 Photo time
Thu 23 Jul 10:58 42:22.62N 08:55.77W Isla Ons 42:22.62N 8:55.77W
Thu 23 Jul 10:58 43:23.80N 08:48.06W Between Porto Novo and Sanxenxo 42:23.80N 8:48.06W
Sat 18 Jul 12:36 42:36.04N 08:46.20W Villagarcia de Arousa 42:36.04N 8:46.20W
Sat 18 Jul 12:36 42:36.25N 08:56.00W Pobro do Caraminal 42:36.25N 8:56.00W
Sun 12 Jul 10:27 42:33.75N 08:59.26W Portosin to Sta Uxia de Reveira in Ria de Arousa 42:33.75N 8:59.26W
Wed 08 Jul 11:24 Camarinas Muxia Finisterre Portosin
Wed 08 Jul 10:51 42:45.94N 08:56.91W Portosin Twice our refuge port. 42:45.94N 8:56.91W
Wed 08 Jul 09:37 42:54.56N 9:15.36W Finisterre Harbour to Portosin Marina 42:54.56N 9:15.36W
Sun 05 Jul 16:39 43:07.47N 09:10.70W Camarinas revisited 43:07.47N 9:10.70W
Jun 2015
Mon 29 Jun 15:46 43:15.6N 08:57.8W Corunna to Corme 43:15.60N 8:57.80W
Mon 29 Jun 15:31 43:07.28N 09:13.00W Located at Camarinas sending pics of Corme 43:07.28N 9:13.00W
Fri 26 Jun 18:52 Photos
Wed 24 Jun 18:04 43.22'N 08.22'W An evening of light entertainment 43:22.17N 8:23.20W
Sat 20 Jun 17:40 46.55.60N 06.59.95W Depeche-toi Etienne Thursday 18th June 2015 46:55.60N 6:59.95W
Mon 15 Jun 18:00 Wheels to Keels 50.21.89N 04.07.93W = Plymouth for new (keep the mast) standing rigging. 50:21.89N 4:07.93W
Wed 10 Jun 17:15 First Day 50.34.25N 02.27.13W 50:34.25N 2:27.13W
Mar 2015
Sun 29 Mar 09:11 The Winds of Change
Sep 2014
Sat 13 Sep 10:26 Whale and dolphins
Sat 13 Sep 10:24 Whale lady, good fortune and diesel tank solution
Aug 2014
Sat 09 Aug 10:26 Falmouth to Dartmouth, then Poole and beyond
Sat 09 Aug 09:10 Azores to Falmouth Photos
Jul 2014
Tue 29 Jul 11:34 49:36.91N 06:10.34W Shipping Lanes and land in sight 49:36.91N 6:10.34W
Tue 22 Jul 15:01 48:27.34N 11:12.33W Two days to Falmouth 48:27.34N 11:12.33W
Sat 19 Jul 16:02 Santa Marina Azores to UK 45:21.92N 19:13.86W 45:21.92N 19:13.86W
Sat 12 Jul 17:32 Aida and the not so Old Man of The Sea
Sat 12 Jul 12:33 Zoonie in Santa Maria - 'car' day 1
Sat 12 Jul 10:28 Latest Photos, blog to follow
Thu 10 Jul 16:19 Final approach and Santa Maria
Thu 10 Jul 16:12 Vila do Porto, Santa Maria 36:56.68N 25:08.87W 36:58.00N 25:08.87W
Tue 08 Jul 17:16 Becalmed 37:08.14N 23:34.44W 37:08.14N 23:34.44W
Sun 06 Jul 11:56 The second half, Day 4 to 7 37:15.26N 22:53.57W 37:15.26N 22:53.57W
Thu 03 Jul 08:17 To the Azores 37:10.50N 14:59.16W 37:10.50N 14:59.16W
Jun 2014
Sun 29 Jun 12:56 Photo fun in Lagos - love Lagos
Sun 29 Jun 10:37 Pictures of Zoonie speaking for themselves
Sat 28 Jun 15:34 Along side tow, Glad to be in ,Hille, Torsten, Going down, Coming up Wall painting
Sat 28 Jun 14:23 Languishing in Lagos 37:06.8N 8:40.1W 37:06.80N 8:40.10W
Sat 28 Jun 12:13 Oeiras to Sines and the end of the Rally in Lagos 37:06.62N 08:40.48W 37:06.62N 8:40.48W
Sat 21 Jun 16:33 (no subject)
Fri 20 Jun 07:53 By way of a PS
Thu 19 Jun 10:11 Porto to Figuera da Foz then Peniche
Sat 14 Jun 13:07 Bayona to Pavoa de Varzim and on to Porto 40:55.20N 8:44.30W
Tue 10 Jun 09:35 Camarinas to Baiona via Portosin
Thu 05 Jun 09:51 The Mighty Biscay
Tue 03 Jun 07:28 Released into the Biscay 46:47.76N 6:34.59W
May 2014
Sat 31 May 11:27 This is hopefully a Razored version of the last photo
Sat 31 May 10:58 Plymouth and penultimate preparations
Thu 29 May 11:55 No the building is not on fire, its the setting sun
Thu 29 May 11:30 Preps in Plymouth 50:21.78N 4:10.03W
Mon 26 May 15:51 monkey at the wheel
Sun 11 May 16:35 50 41.92N 01 58.42W 50:41.92N 1:58.42W
Fri 02 May 10:27 Hydrovane 50:43.49N 1:16.72W
Apr 2014
Wed 02 Apr 19:17 (no subject)