Going North to Darwin on the Ghan

Fri 18 Jan 2019 21:36
Good morning Dear Readers,
This time tomorrow we will be reorganising our packing so we have only small bags in our cabin for our journey north, clothes for slightly posh evenings but also for walking over rough terrain to see rock paintings from the dawn of human time. Clothes that will keep us cool in the furnace centre of one of the driest and hottest earthly landmasses. We are reasonably acclimatised to temperatures above 40’ but as we approach yet another heatwave who knows what we will get. One outback town reported 48’ yesterday and what’s that I heard, a sprinkling, roof tickling of snow in Oakham!
While we are aboard the Ghan we will not have internet except at the terrestrial stopovers we visit, Alice Springs, Katherine to name but two. So there will be a lot of catching up to do in Darwin.
Since the fireworks of New Year we have had wonderful stays with two sets of friends in Newcastle, an interesting four days in the state and country capital of Canberra, (lots to tell you about there) and now we are in Adelaide in a ‘chilly’ 31’ returning to the impressive Library/Museum and Gallery area today to take photos. Yesterday we ventured out for breakfast intending to go back to get camera etc but decided as we were half way to the big buildings we would continue there and got back to the room just after 4.00pm and the lovely photos Rob took on his phone would not load on to the computer for some reason.
So I’ll be back in touch soon.
Take care and love from,
Barb xx

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