Blue Magic
Mark & Chris Dewey
Sat 1 Sep 2012 16:02

Position 36:36.901N 027:51.449E




By the time we had taken up the anchor and secured the dinghy on the davits it was 8.00am and we set course for Simi, 45 miles away.


A big trip !


We tried sailing but the winds were very fluky, blowing 35 knots from the West and then veering right around to the East and dropping away to nothing on several occasions.

The trip however was lovely with quite dramatic scenery, especially when Mark decided we would take the ‘Sterion Nimou’ pass between the Islands of Simi and Nimos.

The pass is just 4m deep in the centre and you can see the rocks beneath the water.

No wonder the pilot book says ‘ keep looking ahead and not at the changing bottom beneath you and you will be fine’


Below, you can just see the opening of the pass between the two islands, and the changing colours of the shallow sea bed.




Below, we are through the pass and we were amused to see two other yachts, that had been milling around the entrance, follow us through.

The right hand photo shows the dramatic entrance to Pethi Bay in Simi.




We decided to anchor in Pethi Bay to avoid any tangle of anchors in the main port of Simi since we were keen to leave early the next morning for Marmaris where we had arranged a rigger to meet us and carry out some adjustments.

Pethi Bay was beautiful and the local bus transported us to the main town of Simi which was even more spectacular.


Pethi Bay






Simi Town

The town basin is circular with yachts moored stern to the quays on both sides and local fishing boats filling the gap between.

Houses in cream, blue and rose coloured Mediterranean hues are built into the rock rising above the basin on both sides.








It was very pretty and the architecture was very different to the other Greek towns we had visited.

The colours were amazing as you can see below.




Of course some things are the same throughout Greece as you can see from the sleepy cats laying outside this house !




We returned to the anchorage and swam before eating dinner on board ready for another early start to Marmaris the next morning.