Day 2 Biscay Triangle

Blue Magic
Mark & Chris Dewey
Wed 23 Jul 2008 16:00

A fantastic sunset followed by a fairly quiet night when we passed outside of the major shipping lines off Ushant.


The wind has increased to 15-22 knots and we put up the jib and full main at 6am and switched off the motor. The sea is a bit rocky and is making us all sleep a lot. No excercises today except trying to navigate around the boat safely, which takes a lot of effort !


Tom, Mark & Katie have spotted two pods of dolphins today.


Blue Magic were in charge of the radio net today and all positions relayed to control and the SSB radio also tested and working well.


We have just crossed the continental shelf in the North Atlantic where the depth falls from 100m to up to 4000m and our position is 47:16.81 06:48.56.


Dinner could be basic tonight as it’s a bit tricky in the galley !