Arrival at Tahiti

Blue Magic
Mark & Chris Dewey
Sat 8 May 2010 19:44

Position17:22.54S 149:30.36W


We set off yesterday morning for Tahiti and sailed through the night.


It was a very dark night and we had one big squall that came through on my watch, Mark came up on deck to help with reefing the sails whilst we both got soaked in the rain.

Martin also came up to see what to expect on his watch – I think he went back to bed quite worried !


However the rest of the night was less eventful and the stars re appeared through the cloud along with a small moon to highlight the sea.

Martin appeared promptly at 3.00am to take over the watch and successfully took charge until daylight.


We are now 10 miles from Papeete, the capital of Tahiti and the island has disappeared as it is raining hard again !


Luckily we enjoyed scrambled eggs and beans on toast around the cockpit table before the rain hit us.


Oh and we also had our last tin of hot dog sausages – so Mark is now very concerned about the need for re provisioning.